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If you are building a fast Miata drift car, why would you swap in a rotary engine and turbo charge it???


Why not just turbo charge something else??? (Like the Mazda engine that can tons of boost with mods)


Is it because drifters are crazy? (I guess it's all the smoke from the rubber...)


For instance this build: https://www.redbull.com/gb-en/mad-mike-whiddett-takes-the-wraps-off-radbul


"the bespoke twin turbocharged 2.6-litre four-rotor Mazda rotary engine which outputs more than 1000 horsepower on its most conservative tune, "

....hmmm that would be hard from a Miata engine....do rotatry like boost?

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Peripheral exhaust port rotaries do take to turbos rather well.


However, there is a reliability trade off.  The engine WILL wear quicker than If it was left non turbo.


Since no manufacturer ever sold a 4 rotor,  and Mazda d idnt make all that many cosmos (3 rotors), building something like this is to get attention.


In other words, that engine would be expensive as poop!


P.s. we ran a turbo rotary for awhile in champcar.  No issues til we lost a radiator hose.

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