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Open Trailer + Chop Top Miata + Rain = ?

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Like many other Miata teams out there we decided to dump the stock hard top and go with a chop top. Sick right? Well yes definitely except there's one big negative, not having a waterproof top any more. 


Now being a team of more modest means requires us to be more "nimble" with our trailering...aka open trailer life for us.


We bought a cheapo car cover on amazon thinking we could be smart and put our own holes in the cover and really strap it down to the car so it wouldn't blow off. That lasted all of 15 seconds on the freeway and was immediately ripped to shreds. It was raining quite heavily but luckily the last 2 hours of the drive was dry and the car was "mostly" dry when we got to the track.


However I would much rather have a better plan than this.


Which leads me to the big question: How do you chop top Miata teams who are also poor deal with rain while towing?


Anyone have luck with one of these?


Was thinking maybe this is the next move.. trying to majorly reduce the surface area in attempts to reduce the flappage.


Possibly be smarter about the holes and try and stich in some strengthening gussets to strap to.


Let me know if you have a solution!




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will the hardtop or a convertible fit over your cage?  Seems a bolt down option would be good.  Might have a funny looking bracket or two on the car but at it would be dry inside


we drive it or open trailer it depending on distance and I slide the windows back into the tracks/window frame for transport any time the weather looks to be sketchy

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I know that in street cars with no lids, if it starts to rain you can often just drive fast enough to keep the rain out of the car.  I'm curious if this sort of approach would work on the trailer?  What do you think?



Take the seat cover off, drill holes in the structure so the water won't puddle, then you at least don't need to sit in a puddle to unload it.  If it is an NA miata with the ECU on the rear bulkhead behind the passenger seat, wrap it in a plastic bag.  Drill a couple of drain holes in the floor (if there aren't some already there).  The car is going to get wet on track, so if it gets wet on the ride home you may not be changing much.  I'd just do your best to get it dried out once home.

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I like the above idea of making the car water tolerant vs covering it.  I mean, you're going to race in the rain too.  Just seems like the effort you put into it will help with reliability. 


I rented with a roofless RX8 team quite a bit- the builder had electronics covered and up out of the rain.  Pull seat cushion. Drain holes, etc. Always on an open trailer, and that car finished tons of races...

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