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Welding Equipment

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I have been buying a lot of shop equipment lately. Picked up an A/C D/C TIG, a 270 amp MIG and a 65 amp plasma cutter along with a helmet, gloves and some spare accessories.  I love the equipment and it is actually pretty cheap for the performance and quality. They offer a helmet that is actually a True Color with side lenses that is really comfortable.


The helmet has made me a better welder because I can actually see what I am doing. It's like welding without a helmet. I lay down pretty beads and expect to be seeing spots but to my amazement my eyes are fully protected. Best of all, no more welding off course...


So I have arranged for my fellow racers to get a 10% discount on their orders at the link below. Check out the reviews on YouTube. My plasma cuts almost 1" steel and does it easy when you get the feel of the right speed. The MIG is full featured. And the A/C D/C TIG is well priced at only $675 with the discount. TIG aluminum for that price? And shipping is free! If you need to get more tools or even upgrade to better equipment like I did, take a serious look at what they offer. I wouldn't post this if I wasn't so impressed.  I think that Yeswelder is going to be a major brand very soon. I was surprised to hear they have been around for 10 years. Forget Harbor Freight, they have nothing to compare to Yeswelder when considering features and price. And if you ever do need a warranty which is 1 year, they pay the shipping both ways.


Thanks for taking a look. And yes, I do get a small commission if you decide to buy.  Still have a Champcar to finish....


Yeswelder Website

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