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Rear subframe eccentrics for adjusting toe


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I gots a question...  I will put it to the tech desk as well...


Can I take some steel (from my car) and make holding brackets and a couple of offset washers to make eccentric adjusters for the rear of my car without any points hit?


Something like this, but with repurposed material....



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1 hour ago, Originalsterm said:

I would guess it is much like repurposed material to something on the points list, like making a wing out of a piece of trunk.  If it is specifically on the list for points, you get those points whether you buy something or make it.  But tech would be the final say.

That's actually opposite of how things have been ruled on.


If it is repurposed, it's free no matter if it is on the list or not.  


There was a big deal about a car using the trunk lid as a spoiler, an airdam made out of something else, as well as parts badger repurposing some items.  I am about 95% certain it was no points if it was proven it could be repurposed.

28 minutes ago, Rodger Coan-Burningham said:

Well, it is listed this way:




but we'll see how tech rules.

I would agree, but the nuance is that I could make it out of repurposed materials.

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