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Seat available for Thompson *AGAIN - Boxster, New Team

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We're back! Nothing is done until it's done.  My replacement drivers through no fault of their own also are unable to attend... Since this is round 3 and in the interest of transparency let's add some more color.


Seat, maybe 2, available at Thompson

500pt '98 Boxster 2.5 built up for ChampCar

Will be the car's 1st endurance outing but has been run in a few track days, TT events, club practice sessions to shake it down over the past few months. Platform and build has lots of potential but not looking to fully explore it this time out. It's been through SCCA tech for road racing and having been around ChampCar with FAR 'lesser' rigs, don't foresee any issues with tech as it's been built specifically to the BCCR. (it even has mufflers...)


Ambition is to have some fun turning laps and bring the car home in 1 piece. Build some relationships and finish right smack in the middle. Most everything in the car is new/newish/clean (that won't last) & set up to accommodate lots of sizes (OMP XL seat w/ lots of adjustability up and down)


Looking for 'teammate' types, in pitstops, generally helpful, minimum drama. Willing to take newer drivers but must have been on track in SOME capacity. TT, extensive HPDE, be ready with full kit & generally be willing to get with the program. (In control and appreciate it's your responsibility while you're at the wheel). You do that and I'll do my best to give you a reasonably priced day out in a reliable, fun, competitive car (*I think)


Car will come with fresh rubber, bedded pads, rotors, & fluids, basic spares, IMSA Radios, a fun 3 camera streaming rig.  

Hospitality includes: A rented Garage (I was at Thompson last year and wet w/ nowhere to hide sucks...), a few pop ups, folding table/chairs & a cooler of drinks.


Depending on how much "Daddy" time my Team Principal (toddler in picture below) allows the car may have a coolshirt system, additional light bar and rain light before go time, but i'm paranoid about changing too much, especially electrical, once things are settled. No data at the moment beyond what's on the Sentinel Video or Go Pro.


reach out for more info!



+1 732 285 58 88 gary.s.mccormick at gmail dot com




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