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Firebottle - buy new vs recertify


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I our Lifeline Zero 2000 firebottle needs a recertification.


Recertification costs $115 + shipping + hassle

New one costs $240 with shipping to my door.


So for about less than $100 extra I get a brand new bottle instead of a reused old one.


Is it this expensive to recertify them? (This is with lifeline)


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The bottles are good for 10 years before they require further testing. Assume you swap it out then and you get 10 years of use and require 4 recertifications (every 2 years). You'd save ~$400 over an 10 year period.


Yes, that is about the going rate for recertification on them.

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Yeah it’s a pain to box well and send them in, and I believe they have to be emptied for you to ship.  I sent mine for recertification last year, and the place said “eh it’s supposed to be depressurized but we get a lot that are still full…”

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57 minutes ago, atxe30 said:

is there a recycling process for the bottles? i'm in similar boat, but prefer to recycle whenever possible. think my bottle is steel so should be doable....but is there a service to recycle?


You empty it in Franks garage and then you throw it in the dumpster.


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