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How much water makes your car run poorly on top end?


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My car was breaking up and not running cleanly at VIR this past weekend.


We had reason to check the fuel for water (found water in my trucks fuel tank after filling it with fuel meant for the racecar).


There is maybe a teaspoon of water in 6 ounces of fuel from the gas tank drain of the racecar.


Is that enough to make it run poorly at higher rpm and load?


I still plan to replace the fuel pumps and coils to make sure it isn't something else.


Just trying to understand if that tiny bit of water could cause the issue.

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Water normally sinks to the bottom.  


If its raining, we don't pump out the bottom 6" of the fuel drum when transferring to the hunsakers


Ill run that in my lawn mower or an old truck which doesnt care about a bit of contaminated fuel.

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Anybody ever have this issue that can relate how much water it was?


I ordered some paste stuff that you wipe on a stick and then put in the fuel container and it detects water.


We will see what that says for the various containers we used.

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We had this happen to us in Nelson ledges (2012. We  had a fuel drum that we stored outdoors beside a shed. During a month or so it drew in enough water that it was approx 5 gallons in a 55 gallon drum. 

Before the race we filled the drum like usual. During the first stint the car sputtered and eventually stopped. We thought it was a fuel pump regulator problem. While checking injectors we found out we were not injecting fuel, lol. 

We replaced the injectors and all fuel components after. 

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I bought some water finding paste stuff and put that in the fuel in the car.  No water.  Good!


I'm not sure about the fuel drums.  My racing buddies have the drums and would need to check them independently.


I am gonna send out the fuel injectors to get cleaned, replace the pumps (have them already), and replace the plugs and coils. 


I should do a compression check and boroscope of the combustion chambers to make sure we don't have something going on like @petawawarace.


If I still have an issue, I'm gonna just let it sit for awhile and let it think about what it's done.

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20 minutes ago, wvumtnbkr said:

the combustion chambers to make sure

You would know already!


20 minutes ago, wvumtnbkr said:

water finding paste 

Used that stuff long ago, it would work best in the 55 gal barrels as it detects standing water, if the jugs were that bad you would have seen it rolling around the bottom.

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I haven't driven the car.  I'm going by what a bunch of drivers that hadn't driven the car before are telling me what it was doing.


Basically hesitating under load...



Also, I put a few drops of water in about a quart of gas and shook it up.  Paste turned color with that.   I was impressed!

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