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ISO - Seat for AMP Duals Race 10/30-31

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I am looking for a seat for the AMP race in October.

I have been involved in CC for a few years with experience in both fwd and rwd cars. See below for some of my most recent events.  I had plans for a few other events this season but due to an injury (broken femur) in the spring those got cancelled, so AMP will hopefully be my first race as a driver this year.


One thing I would like to mention, I am a fairly short driver (5'4" / 140lbs) but so far I have been able to fit in all the cars I have tried that have sliders (with my added seat foam).

If you are semi-local to the Raleigh NC area I would be interested in helping prep for the race and potentially a seat test fit prior to the event. I am decent with a wrench and do not mind helping wherever is needed.


Recent Events:

2020 Dual 8s @ VIR North : e46 330i (1:45s)

2020 Dual 8s @  AMP : e46 330i  (1:37s)

2020 VIR24 : 2000 Integra (2:22s)

2020 VIR South : 98 VW Golf (1:21s)


Anyone with an open seat feel free to message me or comment below and I will reach out to discuss details!

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