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Wheel Spacer Chamfer Sizing


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I recently received an email from bimmerworld with a pretty good explanation on potential failures with wheelspacers.  Of course you have to match the wheel hub diameter but what I didnt realize was that the chamfer width varies from wheel to wheel and spacer to spacer. 

I thought I would post on here for anyone who is running spacers on their cars (street or track).


In short if you are using a spacer with a large chamfer and a wheel with a small chamfer, the wheel will rest against the spacer’s chamfer instead of the spacer pad itself causing the wheel to not be mounted flush. The wheel is then never seated flat on the wheel pad with the wheel studs or bolts providing only a clamping force.  In this arrangement when hitting curbing for example, the hubcentric lip is not loaded as intended, and the load will instead transfer into the fasteners, which may result in a premature stud failure. 


See the video below for a test to confirm fitment.



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16 minutes ago, mcoppola said:

I would never run wheel spacers on a racecar

Wheel spacers or adapters?


I've been running spacer for about 12 years in lemons and champcar.  Never had an issue.  Less than 1/2 inch fyi.

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