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Miata Hubs, what do you run?


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After a hub failure 2 hours into the Thompson 12 hour, I must ask. What do you guys run? How long? Repack or throw out?

Also interested to see if anyone has had success with the wildwood hubs that previously seemed to be problematic.

I did not realize that hubs were literally breaking like this, I thought the bearings were going bad. Now I see this is common.

This was a repacked (new) timken with 26 hours of racing. Bearing was fine.



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15+ weekends?  Jeebus.


We've trashed new Mazda units in less than 12.  Hours.


Sprint races, I just keep old ones handy.  An 8 hour race that is a 10 hour tow from home?  They get replaced.  Each time.  We also disassemble, clean and repack with high-moly grease.


However, I've never seen one break at the flange if it didn't have contact with another car.  The rears are pretty predicable that way.

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We run cheap ones from rock auto and replace them if any contact or once a season. I also have a cool lube tool which you just insert with hub off and pack them with that ever couple races. This is for fronts.  As for rears just check them each race and grease once a season. Had one break like your picture and caught a couple that started to crack in the same way but all had impact.


Our team does not pound curbs as that makes a huge difference.

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You need the right OE casting that doesn't have the undercut near the studs.  Then repack each weekend.


I send them to final turn motorsports now and they repack them for me and do a great job.


Obviously you need to inspect pre-race every race and make sure every driver knows the signs of failure (soft brake pedal) after loading up that corner.

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Another vote for MiataHubs.com 


Ours have been on the car for years, I'll do a visual inspection every 12 months, but they have been absolutely bullet proof since we adopted them.


For 5 points, the security and lack of maintenance cant be beat

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Hub life mostly depends on your car's weight, how hard you're driving and what tire you're on. I would not personally go in to an endurance race on stock hubs if I was on a sticky 245 tire.


On 225 Hankook RS3s I used to get ~8 hours out of repacked OE hubs in my ~2300 lb NA. It had a big front splitter though, and I'd replace them at the first sign of play.

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