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2021 Thompson 12-Hour Results, Pics&Vids, and racing in the rain stories

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Miskoe’s had a good day.  Coming off a trip to VIR that went poorly due to an electrical issue, we made the decision to go to this race only 10 days ahead of time. 


Drivers were my two sons Isaac and Garrett plus me.  My wife Kathy is the team owner and CFO.  Carl and Chris were there for the day to crew.


We had some scheduling issues to contend with, Isaac had to move into his dorm at RPI on Friday morning.  He left the house at 6am to go do that, but managed to get to the track in time to get in the car before the rain came in the afternoon.  Garrett needed to take the SAT’s on Saturday, this would keep him from the track until after lunch on Saturday.  But with my wife and an extra car on hand, Garrett made it to and from the test site and was ready to get in the car for the 2-4pm stint.  Isaac and I split the morning driving.


The race was pretty uneventful until the rain came.  Isaac was in the car and when everything slowed down, he was having trouble seeing.  We brought him in, wiped down the inside of the windshield, gave him a stick with a towel on the end of it.  Being FCY, no laps were lost.


About 1 lap later he’s on the radio screaming about needing to stop and he’s coming in.  I got him to stay out and explain the problem – He had thrown up in his helmet.  This took place about 5:50, 10 minutes shy of when we could install his brother to finish the race without exceeding the 2 hour limit.  I managed to convince him to stay out one more lap and got ready for a stop. 


I was not prepared for what I found when I went to get him out of the car.  Vomit from his lap to his chin.  Oh boy.  But armed with a roll of blue-roll I wiped it up a bit and stuffed Garrett in and strapped him down.  Gloves would have been nice.  I thought I was done cleaning up bodily rejects from him about 17 years ago, I guess being a parent never quite stops.


Garrett goes out and within 10 minutes is complaining that the smell was making him sick and he didn’t know if he could do it.  I told him that who ever finished the race wasn’t cleaning the car.  But this wasn’t enough of a deterrent and he came in next lap and I got in.  I have a terrible sense of smell and never noticed.  Plus there was no way I was walking away from a win just because it smelled bad.


Luckily through all this we had a decent lead over the guys behind us, so once it went green I drove conservatively, no heroics, no risky moves.  Brought the car home in P2 overall P1 in A class. 


A couple of take-aways – The aero work helped, but didn’t make the car as faster as we hoped.  Driving over 5-1/2 hours of a 12 hour race will make you tired and sore the next day.  Don’t eat a big basket of chicken fingers right before you get in the car.  There’s a joke in there somewhere about “going like stink” for the last stint.



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47 minutes ago, Don Mac said:

Thanks for the shout out. I had a great time taking photos of the event. - DonMac - donmacretired@gmail.com  


Great pics we grabbed the full album last night! 


Next time we need to make it to the end and be in some of those late day / finisher shots!

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Glad you like the pics. I'm trying to keep the price point down with the hope that I'll get more sales. Also I've opened up some new options - like printing on metal, and will be doing some collages (on spec) for anyone placing an order.

So, I should be placing one up for you to look at soon.

Thanks for the support.


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