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Looking for last minute Mid Ohio seat

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Hi, this is Jim from Subliminal racing.  We had to withdraw from Mid Ohio today due to a team members severe illness.  I've had this on my calendar as my biggest want to do thing for 2021, so not giving up just yet.  Anybody have a seat available?  I've been doing this for 10 years.  Please text/call 317-440-4866 if you have something.  I'm a big person at 6'5" 280ish - probably need a 17" wide seat.


Jim Mosher

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Hey Jim @jpm71it was great seeing you at the race. Wish your team could have made it, and hope your teammate is doing ok.

P.S. It was cool seeing that you volunteered to work pit road. Hope you enjoyed the weekend somewhat. I always have when I volunteered.

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@mcoppola  Good to see you again Mike.  Certainly was hoping to drive that track, but the volunteer experience was a lot of fun.  I'm glad I made the trip over and did that.  We'll still try to get the corvette to one more race this year - maybe AMP.

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