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Bring a backup car - how does it work?

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I have noticed some teams have a backup car, so if their car fails on Saturday they bring in the backup car on Sunday.

Is that still only 1 race entry fee? Can I just switch and tell the race directors? (Assuming the backup car has passed tech that year)

Given how expensive entry fees are and cheap a mid-level car is it's not that crazy two have 2 cars.



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yep. super simple.

You can't swap cars during a live race.  but the following race you can move the transponder over, and make certain the car is teched, and in the system, and boom. happy paying drivers.

always speak to the event director before doing this though. makes it very easy after that.

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5 hours ago, atxe30 said:

@turbogrill i think you should chat up a few folks on this. swing by the house tomorrow....


They way I read that is that anytime I crash my car you will provide a podium capable ready to race Porsche for me. (to borrow with no obligation)


edit: added the fine print.


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We raced one car on Saturday, it was raining and decided to use the older car as no one wanted to hurt the new girl. Then we ran the other car on the next day. We just had to go and tell race control. Both cars were teched prior to the race.


I have also used two cars in the same race. We started with car one at Nelsons, it blew up at like hour 1 and then an hour or so later we used the backup car the rest of the race. We told the race director and were basically put last and not in contention for anything, just getting practice for the next day. It is not like you can use one car, break, jump in the other and keep going.



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First time doing such was @ PBIR a couple weeks ago, our b car, Baby Shark Infiniti, had a disabling, self inflicted, shunt late saturday afternoon. Rather then bang dents all night, only to have a questionable product the next day, we moved entry/xponder/tires & 2 team members from the busted car to big shark for day 2.

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