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Flashing brake lights - opinions please


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       I installed universal brake lights from what used to be the hatch mounting holes in our FB Mazda RX7. Recently at PittRace.  They flash similar to rain lights people install, but only when braking. About every third time I go to the track, someone in tech asks me to cover them or turn the flashing off. Other times, no comments, or positive ones. Various  reasons, few that made any sense.  I can just swivel them up to satisfy whoever says something.


       Funny thing, I didn't do this on purpose. I was at our local NAPA heavy truck store getting parts for a work truck, and they were on the clearance table. Swivel brackets,  rubber housings, and the lights. I think they were missing a bolt or something, hence the clearance. I didn't even notice the flashing until we went to load the car on the trailer. Easy install, and they are higher and more visible than the factory location. And they don't get damaged when I hit the guardrail after spinning trying to pass a BMW on the front straight!


       Any thoughts are welcome, thanks.


David Dies

Invader Zim

82  RX-7, very green

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         Thanks for your thoughts, I was kind of leaning towards replacing them myself. The spotty "tech" had me wondering. I'll keep one as a rain light and put the other on one of my bucket trucks.  Now that I have to work on the rear anyway...

          About that  spin - I was trying to pass the Hatrerade E30 and put a tire in the grass, then it was all over. My apologies to anyone I got too close to. Definitely felt worse than it looks! My first time racing in the rain for any real amount of time. We were at Gingerman earlier in the year during a monsoon, but I didn't get much track time then. 

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