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For Sale: 1994 "Brown Trout" Miata ChampCar w/Trailer

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For Sale: 1994 Mazda Miata (The Brown Trout) with Big Tex 35ES open trailer


Asking $8,000 OBO for complete package, located in the Detroit Metro area.


Campaigned for the last two seasons under Bad Gas Racing. The car is very competitive in A-class in the right hands and this is a great setup with just about everything you need to get a new team running. Acquired in late 2019 as a former SCCA Spec Miata racer and converted to ChampCar duty including removing any remaining non-critical parts and adding non-SM allowed parts (see below). No longer Spec Miata legal.


Trailer is just under 1000lb, so the package can be towed with a vehicle with a 3000lb tow rating or greater with the empty car on the trailer (empty tank preferably). Comes with integrated tie down points, 4 US Cargo Control 2" ratchet straps (3,333lb WLL), and unused spare tire.


Race History:
Gingerman 2020
PittRace 2020
Autobahn 2021
Gingerman 2021 Fast Lap: 1:48.4 (Sat. 4th class, 7th overall, Sun. 5th class, 10th overall)
Mid-Ohio 2021 Fast Lap: 1:47.6 club/1:44.8 pro (Sun. 6th class, 15th overall)
PittRace 2021 Fast Lap: 2:05.6 (Sat. 2nd class, 8th overall)


At the last race at PittRace on Saturday we held P1 in A-class through the first stint until a green-flag pitstop just before a full-course yellow. On Sunday, we held P1 in A-class for approximately 3.5 hours before dropping out with a blown fuel injection fuse that was unable to be diagnosed trackside. Car runs fine but will eventually blow the fuel inection fuse, suspect bad fuel injector or bad fuel pump.


Empty Weight: ~2025lb with a couple gallons of fuel and a full size lead battery, light weight replacement included


Car Setup:

1.5" x 0.095" Cage tubing by prior owner (Has passed SCCA Spec Miata and Champcar Tech, if you want to run non-ChampCar check your rules!)
AIM MXm dash display/logger with water temp, oil pressure, and Iron Canyon fuel level sensor
1.8L BP built by Race Engineering under prior ownership
Full Racing Beat header and race exhaust
Short ram intake on right side away from exhaust
4x 15x9 Konig Countergram wheels with used Hankook RS4 225/45R15
4x 15x9 Konig Hypergram wheels with used Hankook RS4 225/45R15
A1 Ground Control Nylatron full suspension bushing kit (similar to Delrin)

Singular Motorsports front brake ducts

Reybestos ST43 pads (killer set up that lasts multiple race weekends without having to go easy on the brakes)
Standard Spec Miata Bilstein dampers with adjustable seats
Standard Spec Miata springs (F:700lb, R:325lb)
Standard Spec Miata bars (spare OEM rear bar for tuning)
Bauer extended front lower ball joints
Fiberglass "Chop Top"

Polycarbonate windshield

Pulled airbag wiring harness and other unneeded segments of body harness (~15lb of wiring).

Spec Miata seat pan drop kit installed (fits drivers up to ~6'3" under roll hoop depending on build/body proportion
Momo Daytona halo seat
Momo removable steering wheel
RaceQuip 6 point harness
RaceQuip window net
Cool suit system

I/O Port Racing cage mounted camera base (a bit overkill for a GoPro, but makes a very solid mounting system for quality video capture)


Spare used transmission (unknown history)
Spare brake rotors, hubs/bearings, various other small parts filling 2 plastic bins (all hubs were replaced after Autobahn 2021)


DON_7154 (2).jpg

DON_5903 (2).jpg

MAC_7107 (2).jpg

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