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Ready to race twin e30 package, trailer, spares, tools, pit cart, running parts car

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Up for sale is an endurance racing outfit generally used in the Champcar series. $24,500


1 Both cars


These cars are literally ready to race, just need to bring an extra trailer for the second car (and running parts car included with sale). Both cars are strong runners that see lap times in the low to flat 2:40's at Sebring, low to flat 2:20's at Daytona and mid 1:40's at Road Atlanata.


The white #22 has been with us since 2014 and was painted by the “Kids Racing for Life” foundation in 2015. The black #13 was purchased three years ago and has seen two race seasons and a single race the prior season. It was used by Anthony's Coal Fired pizza early in the Champcar series (aka Chumpcar), but was parked since 2016 due to a blown engine. The #13 black car has a fuel cell and easily makes 2 hours, the #22 white car fall just short at Daytona if there's no double yellows. Both cars use e36 steering racks for the shorter ratio. Both cars fall under the 500 point rules for Champcar, and come with log books.


As of 2019/2020 racing season, both cars received the following:

Seat harness

Window net

Wheel bearings

Drive shaft

OEM GKN/Lobro axle shafts (not box store junk)

IRP floor mounted shifter

Central fire systems

Digital radios

15x8” TRMotorsport 14lb wheels to fit 225/45 r15

Turner Motorsport “J-Stock” front shocks/springs

Bilstein b8 Camaro rear shocks, “J-Stock” springs

Shock/strut mounts

Fuel cell foam (black #13, #22 uses stock tank)

Fuel pumps/filters

Condor Speed Shop bushing package

Bilstein giubo (flex disk)

Differential service (#22 got LSD clutches)

Sach's clutch

Clutch slave/master

Lemforder control arms

Reman calipers (#13 black) caliper kit (#22 white)


The lot comes with the 2008 United enclosed trailer, and all associated spares. Trailer was serviced for tires and wheel bearings last year, and has an electric tongue jack with electric brakes. The rolling pit box is full of tools, small parts, jack stands and the like.


Spare parts include:

Three complete engines (not including the one in the parts car)

Spare wheels (set of 8”, several 7”)

Blown engine attached to a good trans/clutch package

drive train cart

second transmission (untested)

running/driving complete early model car

New tire set (4)

New brake pad set


Lots of little/loose items, hoses, spark plug wires etc


More pics here:




Call 954-410-8844


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4 minutes ago, chbright said:

That's a screaming deal. Out of my budget and, well, I am knee deep in a Miata. But for 2 full built cars, a boat load of spares, a running spare car, and a trailer, someone is getting a full # car team package. And a fairly well built one too.



If the cars stay close, we can also give a list of driver phone numbers to go with! ;)



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