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Miami or South Florida Teams

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Anyone know of any Miami or South Florida based teams that are looking for a driver? I have karting experience, but would love to get into endurance racing with ChampCar! I am interested in doing the Florida races, but I'm open to traveling to races out of the state as well. I would also be interested in track days for testing/practice. Please message me with any leads.




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There's a hookedondriving.com event coming up at PBIR 11/6 and could be some Champcar racers there.  I know we are planning to be out for some testing / track time.   We don't have any extra room but would be more than happy to answer questions.  All transparency we are ex-kart racers with one Champcar race under our belt.  It is loads of fun but compared to karting seems like everything is running in slow motion - especially the car reaction.

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I’m thinking about running Sebring but Some of my guys can’t make it. I’ve got a 94 Ford probe. It’s not the fastest but it’s reliable, I rebuilt the motor myself. We aren’t winning anything but you’d get track time. Email me if you’re interested. Rkubitskey@gmail.com. You can also look up theracefuldead on fb. The car is in fort Pierce. 

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