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Who is this Justin guy running for the board?

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It has been brought to my attention that folks may not recognize Justin Andress, Champ Board hopeful, as the same “Schultz” from the team formerly known as “Schultz & Co.,” now RVA Graphics & Wraps, well, it’s me!


As I stated in my bio, I am running as I would like to do my part to ensure the long-term health and viability of the club.  I want to make sure this thing most all of us love doing continues into the future.  As such, I have not catchy slogans like “free the fuel cells” or “class racing is crass racing.”  I simply want to evaluate the challenges that exist now and will arrise in the future.  


As a person, I generally hate politics as I do not believe that if you are in the other “camp” regarding a certain issue than I am, I must then disagree with everything you say and I must no longer like you.  That is just nuts in my opinion and unfortunately all too common nowadays.  


I will approach the board with a level-head,  gathering pertinent data and soliciting input whenever a subject arises.  I will then try to determine the overall preference of the club members, and make the best decision for all parties involved.  I will make every effort to not engage in public debates with club members or other members of the Board or Champcar staff.  I would promise to never do so, but there is Bill, and we all know how tough that can be.  I will do my best to provide transparency as to the data collected as well as the reasoning behind decisions that are made as I know we all want to not only know what is decided, but the thought process behind the decision as well. 


While yes, I do have a fair amount of experience in running a business, as well as participating on a number of boards, please don’t think I am some stuffed shirt, dry business dude, anyone that knows me knows better.  I do think that my aforementioned professional experience combined with my participation in grass roots endurance racing for the last 14 years, as well as being a sponsor for this series, provides me with a perspective that would certainly help the club. 


If you have questions, I will do my best to answer them directly and truthfully.


But enough of that, I have attached a few pics that I feel capture my participation in this sport and hopefully trigger a good experience or interaction that any club member and myself may have had over the years. 












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  • Technical Advisory Committee
1 minute ago, wvumtnbkr said:

Haha.  I kinda feel the same way.  However, if the board is to represent the membership, having an e30 tie in is pretty common for champcar members.  We just need more miata representation and it would be right.  Lolz.

  I have a Miata , so all good ..

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  • Technical Advisory Committee
1 minute ago, 55mini said:

from one spot in the shop to another to make room for real work???????one of these days, get'er done.

   You are mostly correct but times are a changing and good Lord willing its gonna happen

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  • Technical Advisory Committee
32 minutes ago, mcoppola said:

Miata or Monza?

  Shouldn't I have both ?

    The Miata deal started because of my son, although he has won State Championships in karting I did not want to put him in the Monzta as it is gonna be quite bad azz. He had Miata love for a while and thought it would be a good starting point switching to cars.

   Sorry for the derail 


   Vote Justin for the Board.

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  • Technical Advisory Committee
2 minutes ago, mender said:


We had a deal, Ray! You build the Monza and I'd come down and be on your team! Just like old times!


That's me on the left with Ray beside me. 

  I good with that, rear housing is getting done as we speak. Thinking about swapping to a vortec with stock throttle body FI, what do you think about that ?

   Dang it more derail..


  Vote for Justin !!!

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