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Road America updates

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Live updates will be posted HERE first.

Entry list (not necessarily all the cars that will show up):

Car # / Team Name / Car Type

?? 2.3 Racers -

?? JM Motorsports - (unlikely)

?? Team Tow Mater - Dodge

1 My Little Pony - Mustang

3 3 Sheets Racing - Contour

3 Westphal Motorsports - (unlikely)

7 Team Brown - Miata

8 Eggboy Racing - SHO

11 Lowered Expectations - Integra

14 It's Just a Datsun - Datsun 210

15 The Bovis Group - Honda

15 United Nations of ChumpCar - Volvo Wagon Acura Integra

18 The Danish Flash - Mustang

21 Break Dusters - BMW

22 Carpet Munchers - Neon

23 Hofmeister Kinky - BWM

24 Bear Patrol - Lexus

26 Shake N Bake - Toyota MR2

27 Corner 12 Crew - Honda

33 Tubby Butterman Racing - BMW

34 Top Fool Elemonator -

44 Dragon Somethin - Porsche 944

46 Cougar Bait - Saab 9-3

49 Slugworks - Honda Civic

50 Team Bratwurst -

54 Car 54 - Porsche 944

66 Holy Rollers - Integra

68 Sergeant crapbox - BMW

75 The Slightly-less-than-credibles - (unlikely)

86 Team Phoenix - Shadow

98 SHO Time Racing - Mustang

99 Team Short bus - VW Golf

00 URA Tool Motorsports - SHO

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Guest Packard Goose

There are 4 more cars not listed, coming from a local circle track series. Tim will add them once we get there and get their info (registering at the track)

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Guest eastaboga

"115 United Nations of ChumpCar - Volvo Wagon"

As #15 won't make it (sorry to hear that) please change us back to our normal #15

Also, it's an Acura Integra, though a Volvo Wagon would be cool

So please change to:

"15 United Nations of ChumpCar - Acura Integra"

Thanks and see you tomorrow (I mean later today)

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Here we sit at the main gate and there is no one drink beer with...slackers!

The beer drinking was at the Brown Baer (sic) in downtown Elkhart lake. They have New Glarus Spotted Cow and Fat Squirrel on tap. See you there on Friday night?

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You betcha!

Can you provide directions?

Elkhart Lake isn't that big. It's at 181 Rhine St. (County A).

BTW, the bar at Siebken's is CLOSED until summer.

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Crap cans are on the track for test & tune day. Still a little snow on the inside of some corners (easily avoided), and lots of snow in shaded areas where the corner crews are located. One corner guy got his 4WD truck stuck on the way to his station!

Weather is mild (for Wisconsin in early April) with sunshine and temps in the 40s.

The course we are using includes "The Bend" after the Carousel and before the Kink to slow cars down. Still plenty of room to go fast before Canada Corner.

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Apparently someone (#49 Slugworks Honda?) slid off at the Carousel (wet track), and the #23 BMW is out with a blown gearbox. Tech & registration wrap up soon. Novice drivers school going on now.

Friday photos have been posted on the ChumpCar Facebook page

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How hard could it be to find a BMW gearbox?

We actually found one not too far away on Craig's List and the seller agreed to meet as at the track to drop it off Sat morning. He's now interested in joining the team for a race or two. Gotta love the Chump connections.

Big Jim Slade

#21 BMW 540 Brake Dusters (3rd gear only please, engine in limp mode)

#20/23 BMW 318 (blown engine Sat)

#23 BMW 325 (blown tranny on Fri, engine on Sunday)

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