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Need advice on next camera system

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We used to live stream but stopped trying because of the random drops.  We have been using an old action camera to capture stints but I think its past its useful life as the battery can no longer power it during the pit stops and requires someone to hit record every time before the car leaves and we often forget resulting in no video of our heroic driving.  I'd love to have the AiM system but I am not ready to shell out that kind of cash.  I would like a system that starts recording when power is applied and can make it 12 hours without a card swap.  I found this dual camera setup, Thinkware M1 and it records when power applied but can only record about 6 hours when in dual camera mode.  Does anyone have any experience with this system or one like it?  It seems like it must be getting refreshed soon because I have found it available for $350 which is about the price of one GoPro and I am not very keen on their new subscription deal.  I really like that the Thinkware M1 starts recording when power is applied and that it has a button to capture highlights, along with the GPS features.  


What would you guys recommend?  Is dual camera worth the extra complexity? Should I just buy a GoPro and be done with it? Or is there a few year old solution out there that was once top of the line that a Chump like me can now afford?




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For the audio on the Yi, yeah, it's poop.  The earlier versions of the Yi made it fairly easy to mod in a better Mic but the later versions had used a ribbon cable which is pretty delecate to work with.  There are YouTube videos on the mod for the old cameras.

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