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SOLD Ready to Race 99 Spec Miata/Champcar

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I see that you mentioned that it has the 4.1 diff, I assume that is from a '94-97, as I thought '99-05 used the 4.3.  Anyways, I said that to ask you this, did you find that you were running out of gear on the straights or did you do it to make the 3/4 gears more useable or some other reason?  I am genuinely curious because I have a 4.3 (run a 4.1 now) that I planned to swap in when we go to the 1.8, but perhaps that is a mistake.  Like you said, you guys are the most experienced, so I thought I better ask before I spend time to make my car slower.




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On 12/11/2021 at 11:06 PM, takjak2 said:

The 4.3 won't make you slower.

 +1. I did some basic lap sim work and it showed even at 4.7 your lap-times will still decrease. But if you are fuel limited this could tip the scales 

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