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Road America - Sunday 4/3/11

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Another day, another race at Road America. The ChumpCar staff is alert and ready, despite spending too many hours and too many hard earned dollars at Siebken's bar last night. Earlier reports that it was closed for the season turned out to be in error; it IS open on Friday and Saturday, much to our delight.

The Hofmeister Kinky team (#23) is switching cars. The BMW 325 that they had intended to run this weekend blew a transmission during Friday's testing, so they ran their backup BMW 318i (last season's Space Oddity car) on Saturday. The 325 trans-plant was finished on Saturday, so that is the car they will be driving today.

The #11 Lowered Expectations Acura is on the trailer with a blown engine.

#43 ISS Ford Probe stayed home with a weak clutch.

My count says 24 cars on the track for the pace laps.

At the moment the track is wet thanks to overnight rain. There are thunderstorms in the forecast, with possible strong winds. If there is lightning in the area, the cars will all be black flagged and brought into the pits for safety.

I won't be out taking as many photos today because 1) it's raining, and 2) my car broke down.

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#99 VW went straight off into the muck at Canada Corner. Workers were able to extract the car without going to full course yellow.

#22 Mutt Cutts Neon just got pulled in to the pits behind a safety vehicle. No word on what the problem is. It smells like wet dog.

Here's a look at I.S.S., who have a couple of cars running here this weekend. http://iraceiss.com

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The standings as of 10:00 am:

[EC] 7 Team Brown, Miata, 20 laps

1. 66 Holy Rollers, Pontiac, 19

2. 26 Shake N Bake, Toyota MR2, 19

3. 21 Brake Dusters, BMW, 19

4. 3 Three Sheets, Contour, 19

5. 8 Eggboy, SHO, 19

6. 01 My Little Pony, Mustang, 19

7. 34 Top Fool, Subaru, 18

8. 00 URA Tool, SHO, 18

9. 49 Slugworks, Honda, 18

10. 68 Sgt crapbox, BMW, 18

11. 15 U.N. of C.C., Acura, 18

#46 Cougar Bait Saab has spent time in the pits and are 11 laps behind the leading ChumpCar.

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Black flag for inclement weather. Radar shows heavy thunderstorms in the vicinity.

As of 11:00am

1. #8, 32 laps

2. #66, 31

3. #26, 31

4. #68, 30

5. #34, 30

6. #00, 30

7. #01, 30

EC #7, 29

8. #24, 29

9. #3, 29

10. #49, 28

#46 Cougar Bait has put their car on the trailer, reason unknown.

#22 Mutt Cutts is also on the trailer. The car slid off into the kitty litter (puppy litter?) on turn 12 and tossed the timing belt. The car is a Neon, covered on all external surfaces with carpeting. It has a red carpet tongue, black carpet nose and eyes, and a carpet tail wagging in the back. The corner workers refer to it as "number 22 fuzzy".

#86 Team Phoenix replaced a broken sway bar overnight, but a seized power steering pump has put an end to their weekend.

#33 Tubby Butterman has made up a couple of their Margin Of Victory (MOV) laps awarded as a result of yesterday's win. The MOV penalty was 7 laps.

#3 Three Sheets and #24 Bear Patrol are also nipping away at penalty laps, setting fastest times among the ChumpCars.

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Racing resumed after about a 40 minute Safety Break due to weather.

1. #66, 36 laps

2. #26, 36

EC #7, 35

3. #34, 35

4. #01, 35

5. #00, 35

6. #8, 34

7. #3, 34

8. #24, 34

9. #68, 33

10. #33, 31

The cars that have dropped back a couple of laps, #3 and #8 in particular, slid off course and had to be extracted from the mud. The wet track has put a lot of drivers in the "sudden loss of talent" category.

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#21 Brake Dusters BMW has no alternator, so the team is swapping batteries about every half hour. Their other team car, #23 Hofmeister Kinky BMW, is out with a blown engine.

#8 Eggboy Racing SHO is heading home soon. They were having issues with the differential late yesterday and started the day without 1st or 2nd gear. They plan to have the SHO ready in time for Iowa.

#44 Dragon Somethin' Porsche spent a lot of time in the pits trying to track down an overheating issue. Their radiator lost coolant late in yesterday's race due to a leak and they parked it on the final lap.

#24 Bear Patrol Lexus hit a wall and had to come in on a tow rope. They reportedly tweaked the radiator support and tie rods. It's on the trailer, done for the weekend.

#3 has now set the fast lap of the day at 3:34. Lap times are about 30 to 40 seconds slower than Saturday due to the wet track.

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Do you know how many cars are still running?

It looks like 20, or maybe 19.

Winker, have you found your car parts ?

On the 22 fuzzy, if I remember correctly neons don't bend valves when timing belt less.

I could pick up parts today as I have friends in Appleton who run a Saab repair shop, but I can't get to Appleton.

I believe you are correct about the valves in a Neon. But the car was slow, and it was raining so I think they decided to pack it in.

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At 2:00 pm:

EC #7, 65

1. #34, 65

2. #26, 65

3. #8, 64

4. #66, 64

5. #01, 63

6. #00, 63

7. #33, 62

8. #3, 61

9. #15, 57

10. #21, 57

#44 Dragon Somethin' Porsche 944 just turned in their transponder. Blown head gasket and transmission woes.

19 cars still running.

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1. #66, Holy Rollers, Pontiac, 79 laps

EC #7, 79

2. #26, 77

3. #34, 77

4. #33, 76

5. #01, 75

6. #00, 75

7. #3, 73

8. #21, 69

9. #98, 68

10. #18, 67

#99 Team Short Bus has packed it in for the weekend. Cracked head is the reported failure.

#8 Eggboy is now on the trailer as well. They are still shown in 13th place on the 3 o'clock lap chart, but three cars are only a few laps in arrears so will pass for position.

#68 Sgt. S#!tbox BMW is out after crashing their car.

It looks like there are 16 cars still running.

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And the Winner is...

#66 Holy Rollers! It's really an Acura with a Dodge grille, but the body is so cut up, who could tell?

The battle for 2nd place came down to the final lap. With two laps to go, the #26 MR2 passed the #34 Subaru on the straight, with one lap to go, #26 had a short lead over #34, but #34 got ahead on the final lap to win by a car length. After SEVEN FREAKING HOURS OF RACING!!!

EC #7, Team Brown, Miata, 96 laps

1. #66, Holy Rollers, Acura, 95 laps

2. #34, Top Fool Elemonator, Subaru Impreza, 94

3. #26, Shake N Bake, Toyota MR2, 94

4. #33, Tubby Butterman, BMW 325, 93

5. #01, My Little Pony, Mustang, 91

6. #3, Three Sheets, Contour, 91

7. #00, URA Tool, SHO, 90

8. #21, Brake Dusters, BMW 540, 87

ISS #168, 21-Gun Racing, Ford Escort, 82

9. #18, The Danish Flash, Mustang, 81

10. #15, United Nations of ChumpCar, Acura, 79

11. #20, Corner 12 Crew, 79

12. #14, It's Just a Datsun, Datsun 210, 74

13. #98, SHO Time Racing, Mustang SHO, 68

14. #49, Slugworks, Honda Civic, 65

15. #8, Eggboy Racing, SHO, 64

16. #68, Sgt. crapbox, BMW, 56

17. #99, Team Short Bus, VW, 46

18. #24, Bear Patrol, Lexus, 41

19. #44, Dragon Somethin' Porsche 944, 19

20. #23, Hofmeister Kinky, BMW 325, 17

21. #22, Carpet Munchers, Neon, 12

22. #46, Cougar Bait, Saab 9-3, 8

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Guest Slugworks

The slugworks team had a great time. No car trouble, just driver troubles. We had a tough time with the carousel. Great facility at RA and everyone was friendly. We've got videos and pics we'll post up later.

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Thanks to Joey, Cathy, Monique, Matt of ChumpCar, the incredibly dedicated workers and staff of Road America, and all of our fellow racers for an awesome weekend of racing.

I was bummed that us EggBoys had to spend so much time tracking down so many gremlins and didn't get to spend more time hanging out with some old nemesisses and making some new ones. ;)

That was cool. B)

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The slugworks team had a great time. No car trouble, just driver troubles. We had a tough time with the carousel. Great facility at RA and everyone was friendly. We've got videos and pics we'll post up later.

I think everybody had a tuff time with the carousel. When you put water on ice you are dancing !!!

Great job to the Chump Car Crew cant wait for Iowa. I hope Martini's Mocha I made for her was not to cold. Those dam drivers meeting take to long. ;)

Hats off to all the drivers, for the worst driving conditions I have ever driven before everybody watched out for one another and made things work.

The best one I seen was following the SHO Mustang for a whole lap or more and the tail was wagging back and forth; it was great!!!!

Even dropped two tires off after T8 and keep on the gas throwing mud. :lol:

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Guest xsboost90

well after a broken exhaust hanger, blown tire, trans linkage issue and then a hole punctured in the radiator we managed to get the car on the track sunday but it must not have bled completely and the tires were crap- no traction at all- so we packed it in early. Great time however and see you in VIR.

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