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Day 1 winner penalty laps for day 2 - WHY?


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I forget where it is in rule book, but the overall winner of day 1 on a two-day event gets penalty laps for the start of day 2.


Does anyone know why this rule exists? 


The races are fully scored as separate races, there are no other races that have carry-over penalties from one race to another.  So why do weekends with two races have to be different?


Just reading in the Barber results thread about it impacting the Sunday race results.  From what I could see on the live stream, the two days were pretty much completely different.  One was a monsoon while day two was dry.  Day 1 was 8 straight hours.  Day 2 was 7 hours with a one hour nap-time break.  They did run the same track, in the same direction with mostly the same cars. 


Why penalize a team for doing well?  Seems like sour grapes but maybe there is more history to it.

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You should feel lucky!


It used to be for 6 months iirc.


We lost a race a few months after winning a race because we had an mov of like 12 laps because the 2nd and 3rd place car broke with like 15 mins left!


The rule was put in place to help curb one car from running away with every weekend.


Why we still have it....  same reason, I guess.

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