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Race winning swapped rx7 (gm 3500 v6)

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16397918246421519070709313576880.jpg.740bea346c883d5dff96854da461a05e.jpg16397918575537784763882466928282.jpg.fee3ec893072225075b4e82332838cba.jpg16397918825817460567948904642381.jpg.76f413151d9b8d3b6033c68ca9acf244.jpgSo, I built this car over the last 1.5 years.


Finished 9th, 2nd, 1st in the last couple of races.


1989 rx7 with a gm 3.5 liter 60 degree v6 making about 185rwhp.  T5 wc Trans out of a 2000 camaro v6.  No adapter needed.  1995 s10 cylinder clutch (exedy).


2.5 inch Coilovers on bilstein struts.


2 sets of 15 x10 wheels with very serviceable 245 rs4 tires.


Hawk blue brake pads in front.  Hp+, pro 5.0 pads, black pads for the rear.


Wingman aero rear Wing.


Center net, drivers window net.


Racecapture pro mk3 with telemetry and Kindle dashboard with oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, and new innovative o2 sensors.


No power steering, it's fine.  I did 4 hours out of 7 at barber last weekend.  Huge steering wheel.   Like a 380mm omp with an nrs quick release.


Omp champ 1 seat.  Cage has passed tech with strut reinforcements in the front.


Stock rear-end 4.1 ratio.   Lots of spare axles (never used).


No spare engine or Trans or rear.  Lots of other spares.


Plywood splitter and roll plastic airdam.


Any questions answered.  


Come with steel open deck trailer and all spares.


Car is 499 points.


18k asking price.  I will give you all info and parts specs.


We are qualified for the national championship at Ozarks.  Price includes @E. Tyler Pedersen and I racing at Ozarks so you are legal for the championship win.



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Any questions?


Price out of line?


I'm really torn about this car.  It's awesome, drives well, is raw enough to be crazy fun.  Mostly reliable (all issues are addressed fully!).  However, ot takes time away from the family.  I want to finish my project car and get my garage and yard space back (yard is where the trailer is that comes with it).

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13 hours ago, jwilless said:

Can you detail the vpi total for this car along with the stock vs swap hp? What does it weigh?

I can.  I'll post the tech sheet when I'm near a computer.


Stock hp doesn't matter, but this gen rx7 is about 160 hp at the crank.  The engine swapped in is an 3.5 liter gm v6 (like that found in pontiac g6).  They make 200 or 201 hp.  The swap calculator spits out 52 pts iirc.


Airdam 10 pts

Splitter 10 pts

Height adjustable spring perches and springs 40 pts (all 4 corners).

Rear Wing 10 pts

Homemade camber apparatus for the front 5pts (iirc).

Trans swap 25 pts.

There is material points for various bits and pieces.


It has an aluminum radiator and pulleys from an older generation of 60 degree v6 to allow the 8ntake to be turned around so the engine fits.  I claim 10 pts for pulleys for that.


As it sits, it's at 499pts.


The seat, belts, nets are all less than 2 years old.


Weight is somewhere in the 23xx range.

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I originally did this engine with reliability and efficiency in mind, if that helps. Professional high-end engine builder.


For anyone not familiar with the GM 3500, think of it as a mini LS engine: great heads, stable valvetrain, not fragile, and undercammed.

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Still for sale!


Finished 5th overall in the championship and 3rd overall on Sunday with a class win.


Lemme know if you have questions.

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