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Looking for a seat at VIR 24

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I'm looking to arrive & drive for a well sorted team at the VIR 24. 


6 Lemons races including true 24h format at Carolina Motorsports Park, High Plains Raceway, and MSR Houston. 

Some karting, some HPDE

Countless hours in the simulator and many multiclass team endurance events with lots of traffic management skills being put to the test (my iRacing profile). In fact the ChampCar iRacing series is the reason I'm posting this as I've recently won the championship prize of $1,500 to be put towards a real life ChampCar entry. I'm hoping to put this prize towards a seat rental for the VIR 24 in ChampCar.


I know 6 races experience may not be considered "extensive" but so far I've never hit anything or had any contact, I'm normally on pace with the veterans in the car, and I have a lot of experience avoiding accidents involving unaware drivers as well as overly aggressive drivers. I try to be decisive on track and I know how to use the car to to communicate my intensions in traffic whether passing or being passed.


I can wrench, I can do long stints, and my main priority is to develop as a driver and learn as much as possible so I'd prefer to be in a car with telemetry or live feed or something that I can get some feedback on in order to improve throughout the weekend. 


Please let me know if you'd be interested in having an intermediate driver who is eager to learn and improve.

Cell: 813-476-3428

email: markmccormack91@gmail.com

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