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Unofficial Practices 2022


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Creating this thread for anyone to announce unofficial practices for upcoming ChampCar iRacing events in 2022.


Up next I will be hosting an unofficial practice as follows:


Track: Daytona - Road Course

Date: Thu March 17

Time: 8:30-10:30 PM eastern time

Format: 45 minute practice, 15 minute qualify, 60 minute race

Car: Mustang FR500S

Setup: baseline with 8.2 gallons fuel

Event name: Mostmint Practice - look under hosted races

Password: no password needed - league members only


I'm totally guessing on weather and time of day.  In sim date will be April 2, 4 PM, air temp 72, mostly cloudy.


Join us and get some extra practice.  If you can, have your radio working. 


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Slight edit: To better match the real race conditions we are going to do 4x in sim time acceleration, with practice at 1 PM, qualifying at 4 PM and race at 5 PM, and auto generated weather.  We should have some daylight racing then finish with night racing.


Real life start time is unchanged: 3/17 at 8:30 PM eastern.



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Tonight 4/19 at 9:30 PM eastern I'm hosting unofficial practice race/AI experiment for the Solstice at Lime Rock Grand Prix layout.  15 min practice, 15 min quali, 30 minute race.  I'm bringing 20 AI and they will be driving power restricted Jettas and MX5 Cup.  Look for Mostmint Practice.


You have to choose vehicle.  You can drive whatever you like but the Jetta will be at 73% power and MX5 Cup will be at 64% power.  Solstice will be at baseline setup.


The AI skill will be at 20-50% which ensures a wide range of skill to race with.  In my last experiment the top AI were maybe .6-.8 per lap faster than our top drivers so I bumped down the horsepower by 4% for tonight's race/experiment. 

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Thanks @Hugh Jass.  My guess is this is still an open issue.


From testing, the limit of power reduction is like 7.5%(top right on setup screen) so I was quite surprised you could type in what you want there for HP reduction on hosted sessions.  I was using the power reduction and weight addition in testing to get them close. 


With that info I did a couple hosted practice sessions - the first with limited power reduction and big weight penalties, and the second with standard weight and more power reduction and the results were similar.  Not enough sessions to know if it's fixed but I would think this would be broadcast somewhere if it were. 


The fast laps ran between 1:02.8 and 1:05 so there will be some AI to race with driving the Solstice.  This also means any people choosing the Jetta or MX5 for tonight will be in EC class lol.


For tonight I might try reducing AI skill level a bit more instead to get the balance I'm looking for.   


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