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2022 NCM Motorsports Park Kentucky Grand Prix 8+7 results

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8 hours ago, Hurljohn said:

Obviously nothing happened at this race other than @Rodger Coan-Burningham was a "stick" hog.




And to think I was that close to coming to Daytona and drive for you to get more stick time.  At least you will have a chance at ftd now.  Wait, Huggy is coming, scratch that.

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On Second Thought 341 Race Report:


Friday for the test day we didn't have any major agenda other than get everyone a little seat time throughout the day to familiarize them with the aero at NCM.  Ended up being a much more involved test day.  Started off the day on a used set of RS4s that were planned to be our race tires.  Ended up having two small flat spots, so had to change them out.  About an hour later, picked up a screw in the RR tire. Fortunately we had 3 full sets of used RS4s going into the weekend, so more spares went on.  Finished up the day with a rear bar change and add a little wing.  Got the car prepped for the race Saturday, had quite a mixed bag of tires on the car for the race start, we had 2 tires on the car with over 45hrs on them, and 2 older tires with around 20hrs.     


Saturday started near the middle of the pack.  Peter was in the car for the start.  He was mixing it up with the with the Dingus and the Seasoned Racing guys the whole stint.  It was exciting to watch them lap over lap be nose to tail, all of the cars and drivers seemed to be very similarly matched.  We finished out the first stint in 6th overall, 1st in A class with Dingus right behind us on pit entry.  We had a clean stop, unfortunately they ended up having an issue on pit road that caused them some lost time, which put them a few laps down to us when they got back out.  Once they got back out it went right back to mixing things up with us.  We ended up having no problems throughout the rest of the day, clean pit stops and going back out.  I was in the car when we took the checker in 3rd overall, 1st in A class.  This is our best overall, and second class win!  Things were looking very positive for us going into Sunday. 


Sunday I started off in the car, I was able to work through traffic pretty well early and get to some open track.  Brought the car in for the first stop in 2nd place overall.  We were running in 4th overall, 2nd in class (right behind Dingus!).  With around 1:40 left in the race when the driver reported the brake pedal went to the floor going into 10.  He was able to get the car back into the pits without issue.  We ended up losing the seal on the piston on the RR caliper and it was pushing a ton of fluid out.  I had a spare in the trailer, but had some struggles in getting it installed on the car which lost us quite a bit of time.  Got the car back out on track with around 1:15 left in the race, putting us out of contention.  I think if we were able to keep the car on track we would have ended up in the top 5 and would have been fighting with Dingus for the class win right up until the end.  A little disappointing finish for the day with how strong we were running. 


Overall great weekend for the team again, brought home two trophies for Saturday!  There was a TON of nose to tail racing with the Dingus, MomoChamp, Seasoned Racing, etc.  All of the drivers said it was probably the closest racing they have had on track.


Thank you to Champcar for putting on a great event, and Bill for the awesome pictures!  Look forward to the next one! 



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