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2003 Mini Cooper - $5200

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Looking to prevent or alleviate the onset of your inevitable mid-life crisis? Welcome to your proverbial knight in shining armor. This fabulous Mini Cooper is destined to get your biceps into shape while putting a smile on that face.

Those with an astute eye will notice that the interior has been gutted, and quite a few modifications have been done. Let me assure you that there is nothing obnoxious, brash, or unnecessary regarding these alterations. Without further ado, the additions to this fine vehicle are as follows:


This charming ride starts right up, drives well, shifts through the gears, has working lights, and can get you home. Let’s not fool ourselves though, she’s meant for the track. The power steering unit has been removed to provide a closer road feel as you hurl around the world. To that end, it is a workout when driving around town at lower speeds. Get yourself strapped in and race!

Although this creature has been taken care of, it does have a few known needed improvements. The radiator fan likes to run all the time. The horn needs to be wired up, and the tachometer cluster currently is not working. Current mileage is just under 172,000 and is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

I am selling this beautiful beast simply because I don’t have the time to dedicate to getting this fine lass on the track. She’s been reliable, jaunty, and fun as hell to drive. I am confident that it will bring you bundles of joy in the future. The original wheels and tires are also included.

Only looking for cash at this time. Feel free to contact me with any questions that arise. As with any used vehicle, this car is being SOLD AS IS.

Looking forward to hearing from you.










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