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Canada / USA Race Car Import / Export

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Hi folks -


I was wondering if anyone has experience moving a production-based race car between Canada and the USA (or vice versa) on either a temporary or permanent basis.  I'd appreciate the opportunity to pick your brain for a few minutes to learn from your experiences.


I spend time in both Canada and the USA, and have a 1999 Spec Miata currently located in Houston, TX.  I'd like to bring it with me in Canada for a period of time (potentially exceeding the temporary import limitations), but concerned about my ability to re-import it back to the USA if / when I spend more time there.


Thanks in advance!

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No experience doing exactly that, but I have brought racecars into Canada from the US permanently.  

Are you a Canadian citizen? 

Getting it back into the US shouldn't be a problem if you have a US ownership for it. If you don't have an ownership for it, that might make things harder.


The only issue you may have is if you tell the Canadian guards on the way in that your keeping it in Canada.  If you just say that your bringing it up to race, then going back to the US, the should let you through no issue.  Even if you stay longer, theres no record of it if its not a street vehicle. 

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Tried to buy an Acura Integra Type R race car with no title from Canada several years ago.  Could not get it across the border in to the US with just a bill of sale.  Car was clearly a race car, but no title meant we couldn't bring it across.  Once we were face to face with the folks at the border explaining what our options were, there was nothing that we could have easily done without a ton more paperwork or the previous owner getting a title for the car and providing it to us.  We had the car on the trailer and had already handed over our money, the seller was cool about it and didn't tell us to go pound salt, so that was ok.

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