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How do I use my car # when it's not showing on the entry form?

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I'm registered for Nelson Ledges in July, but when I try to change my car # to my actual car #514, 514 isn't on the list, I selected 574 as it's easy to change, but with 5 cars entered why is my number not there? Just wondering thanks.

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  • Timothy G. Elliott changed the title to How do I use my car # when it's not showing on the entry form?

I have the same struggle.  What I have resorted to is:  Select a number from the registration drop down.  When I show up at the track / registration I have them change it to the number on my car.  Apparently there is another member with my same number assigned as permanent.  But they don't show up to the races that we run.  There doesn't seem to be any other better solution.  


I would have been happy to pick a different number had I known there was a limited list to choice from - especially when I ordered my graphics.  Not a big deal but just thought I'd let you know our approach.


Hope you do well in your race - we've been challenged making it through the 8 and 12 hour races.  Anyone who can make the 24 hours has my sincere accolades.


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