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Competitive Driver Available for Thunderhill in July 2022

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Hi all, I am an experienced racer looking to pay for a competitive seat in the Thunderhill Grand Prix (west course) on July 1-2 of this year (2022). I grew up racing karts, and have had successes in champ car races. Notably drove a car in last November's Laguna Seca race from last place in class (due to mechanical issue) all the way up to second in class, where I finished. Have never had contact or a crash in a champ car race (knock on wood).


I competed at the Thunderhill Champ Car race a few years back, and ran a 1:32 lap time in a 2003 ford focus where the pedals didn't allow for heel toe (so there was a lot more time on the table). In that race, there were 14 cars in the field and I was able to lap 12 of the 14 cars at one point or another. Loss of fuel pump prevented a podium, but still got the car to 4th in class in that Thunderhill race.


Some footage from the recent Laguna Seca race: 



I am admittedly not a great wrench, but will certainly take to guidance and provide an extra helping hand. Hopefully I can make up for lack of wrenching ability with pace in the car. Also can help with coaching other drivers if onboard footage is available, and can offer suggestions for car setup if need be.


Please feel free to text/call Logan at (760) 504-4153. 

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