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The SCCA Enduro series finally kicked off this weekend. Entries were pretty thin and I was not involved in any way except watching live timing on my phone. The rules set has me intrigued, although it seems cars are weighed with fuel and it appears they are going to do fuel pump-outs to check capacity both of which might be a hassle after a long day on track. Anybody here have any comments?

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I love the ruleset. Hopefully they do well, however there are getting to be a lot of endurance racing series.


Looking at the times, admittedly a small turnout, the hot dogs were only one second faster than the CC FTD at Nelson last year. Like I figured, the 5 minute pitstops, and tire width limits for each class, naturally limit performance versus a thick set of rules. The rest of the field was actually slower than the front half of a CC race.

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4 hours ago, turbogrill said:

I think the problem is they classify based on displacement, so built high revving engines is the way to go. Not good for wallet...

I am screwed!  My 3.5 doesn't make hp... just torque.

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