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VBox Sport, FAST System Blower, SPA ignition cutoff switch, Porsche Boxster parts

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I pulled these from my race car and were all working, I have either moved to something better or just don't need it.  I have the following items for sale.


1.  VBox Sport Datalogger $300 Comes with roll cage and windshield mount

2.  FAST SYSTEM BLOWER $100  This is just an air blower, pretty beefy and LOUD

3.  SPA Ignition cut off switch.  This is the one that cuts your ignition and fuel, nothing fancy, I cut the metal cable for the pull cord to get it out, but everything works.  You need to redo the ends on it  $20

4.  AIM Smartycam 2.1 with heavy duty roll cage mount $1000

5.  VBOX Lite Camera System $900  F&R camera with antenna and everything ready to go.  This is the non HD version, but this is such an easier to use program than the AIM

6.  Porsche Boxster Racing Seat Bases (Contact me for the list as I have a few)

7.  Porsche Boxster Front Wheels $100 for 2.  17x7



Please send me an email for pictures as it is easier to do on the phone for me.

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