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Points for tilted/ducted/relocated radiator?

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Rads are free now, as are and have been hardware and coolant plumbing...


But how does this apply when there will be an aerodynamic or other advantage?


To a tilted radiator? Ducted? In front/before and/or behind/after the rad? Relocating the radiator completely, such as to the rear of the vehicle?


What parts would count for points if not made from repurposed material?


Please walk me through this.

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4 hours ago, Wittenauer Racing said:

So tech desk is the best place to ask, but historically ducting to the radiator has been free, ducting after has been points.

Just to clarify, ducting after is only points for materials used (unless repurposed material).  Cutting holes in the hood and bending the material down to act as a duct is very easy and works well.   

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