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2022 Thompson 12-Hour

Bill Strong

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71.jpg   September 2-September 3, 2022
THOMPSON SPEEDWAY: Test+12-Hour Enduro, $1350
Thompson, CT
"The Thompson 12"
Early Pay Discount Ends: July 4, 2022
Event Director: dana.morrison@champcar.org
Entrant List


Entries for The Thompson 12

    Team Name Car # Year Make Model
1.   All Rhodes Racing 595 1984 BMW E30
2.   Boston Whiners 763 2000 BMW 328i
3.   Boston Whiners 444 1986 BMW 325es
4.   Boston Whiners 306 1991 BMW 318is
5.   Crazy Horse Racing 689 1985 Ford Mustang SVO
6.   Fahrfrumlusin Racing 996 1990 Mazda Miata
7.   Falkensteiner 664 1991 Honda Civic
8.   Few Loose Screws Too 816 1988 BMW 325i
10.   Full Send Motorsports 660 2004 BMW 325ci
11.   Fuse 15 524 1996 Mazda Miata
12.   GDSF Motorsports 153 1997 Mazda Miata
13.   Haywood Racing 663 1990 Mazda Miata
14.   Haywood Racing 662 1991 Mazda Miata
15.   HM Motor Works 915 1987 BMW 325is
16.   Honorificabilitudinitatibus 692 1995 Mazda Miata
17.   Ives Motors 89 1991 Mazda Miata
18.   Jamaican Bakin 220 1997 bmw m3
19.   Lack of Integrity 7 2001 Acura Integra
20.   Masshole Motorsports 617 1993 BMW 318i
21.   MBM Performance 668 668 2002 Mazda Miata
22.   MBM Performance 669 669 1994 Mazda Miata
23.   Miles Behind Motorsports 263 2000 Mazda Miata
24.   Miskoe Motorsports 771 1994 Mazda Miata
25.   MLC Racing 47 47 1991 Chevrolet Corvette
26.   MLC Racing 518 518 1986 Chevrolet Camaro
27.   MLC Racing 761 761 1993 BMW 325
28.   Mostly Motorsports 294 1990 MAZDA RX-7
29.   Official Unofficial Porscha Racing 600 1999 Porsche Boxter
30.   Race Car Xperince 833 2001 Porsche Boxster
31.   RAMN Racing 591 1999 Mazda Miata
32.   Rhinoceros Racing 288 1993 Ford Mustang
33.   Rosmar Milhawk Racing 178 1991 Honda Civic
34.   Rosmar Racing 721 1999 Mazda Miata
35.   Rosmar Racing 723 1999 Mazda Miata
36.   SNL Krueger Autosport 713 1995 BMW 325
37.   Start racing 59 1999 mazda Miata
38.   Straight Pipe 27 93 Mitsubishi Eclipse
39.   Team Z 260 1988 Nissan 300zx
40.   TiKi Autosport 529 2006 Mazda Miata
41.   Visceral Racing Group 918 1987 Porsche 944RS
42.   Visceral Racing Group 959 1988 Porsche 944RSR
43.   Visceral Racing Group 980 2003 Porsche Boxster
44.   Warrior Racing 897 1990 Mazda Miata
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Infiniti Shark car owner looking for Thompson seat.


Mechanically sympathetic, not crashy, can mostly drive with the best of em, have extensive wrenching skills, can follow instruction/limits, fully expecting to perform all pit duties.


In order of importance:   Reliable, hoping for E30, if not, prefer RWD, if not, FWD no problem.  No need, or expectation to podium, just looking to have fun.


Disclaimer: Have never been there.


Forum message/ reply here/ call/txt  Ed  @ Five 61-two 5 two-3933

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Miskoe's may be looking for a driver.  Had driver #3 need to stand down, only have one of my kids able to join us this year, so I'm looking for driver #3 to do a pair of 2 hour stints.  I don't usually go out to the general public for renters, but I need to get some other irons in the fire. 


The car is an NA Miata with full aero and is solid and has been to impound the last two times it has run at that event.  We have some other podiums from other events too.  It's well sorted and predictable to drive.


Family team with crew that probably has a century of collective experience.  


Get back to me if this is something that you think you're interested in.

IMG_6704 medium.JPG

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I would love to join a team for Thompson.


I have significant HPDE experience, and so far participated in three endurance races this year, including VIR 24 hours this past weekend.


I am a consistent and fast driver and would love to help in any way I can.

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The email sent out today has the incorrect links to the supplemental rules. This post has been corrected. 



2022 Thompson -Final Information


Greetings all!


We are less than a week away right now and things are looking good for this weekend. 


One new thing this year is ..... LONG PANTS IN THE PITS. This means hot and cold side of the pit. I have been told that there is some sort of fence right along the back of the  pits and that will be the cut off from the pits. Please pass this on all to all your team members that will be working in the pits Also remember no open toed shoes or flip flops on pit lane at any time.


 This brings me to pit assignments here.

2022ThompsonPitLane.pdf  single page print PDF - as always, subject to change.


Please take a few minutes to read through the Supplemental Rules here. Make you refresh your browser so you are looking at the most recent version.


This is the biggest turnout since we started running this terrific track! And it means things are going to be a little crowded, so bring lots of patience and please be prepared to share space with your fellow racers.


If this is your first time racing with ChampCar, welcome! If you are new to ChampCar, or you'd just like a refresher, please join us in the classroom at 5:00pm on Friday.


We will have an in-person Drivers Meeting Saturday morning at 7:00am. .


Yeah, I know it's crowded. Remember the part about the great turn-out? Well..... it does make for a VERY cozy pit lane.


Remember to pack your lights in the trailer. We want all lights on, that means mounted and turned on, by 5:00pm. Is that a little early? Yes, but it allows us to make sure all your lights on before it gets completely dark.



Garages & Camping.


Thompson may have some garages available. Contact the track directly to arrange one. There are actual camping spaces outside the track by turn 1. Again, contact the track for more details. You can camp in the paddock area Friday night, but we must be out of the paddock Saturday night after the race.


The Gate and the Bridge.


Just so everyone is on the same page for terminology. The Gate is the main entrance out by the road. The Bridge is the bridge access into the paddock. Saturday night after the race everyone needs to be out of the paddock area. You can camp or leave your trailer Saturday night, but you need to be out of the paddock, meaning back over the bridge.


Ok, on to the Tech stuff.


Please complete your online tech form before coming to tech.


If this is your first race of 2022, you (the Team Captain) will find a new button link on your main login page. The tab Submit a Tech Form will take you to an electronic form that looks just like the paper Tech Inspection form. Simply fill in all the boxes at the top, then fill in or click on the listed point value items on your car. Save the form and you are done. Access to the online tech form opens up two-weeks prior to the race. At the track the Tech staff will simply check the required safety items on the car. Once the Tech staff clicks save on the safety portion of your online form you will get your Annual sticker and head to Registration.


Speaking of the Registration Staff...


Please take a few minutes to review your team's registration. Checking things like membership status for each driver and your payment balance can make the check-in process go much quicker.



And please take a few minutes to read through the Supplemental Rule, again, here.


Thanks very much!  


Laura & Your ChampCar Staff.

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It was great seeing all the cars at Thompson this year, this race keeps getting better and better.  The weather is usually great and the track will keep you entertained as the temps. change rapidly during the day.   We brought 3 cars this year (We just hit 16 race entries with Champcar this year, 5 more to go!) Our new Boxster (980) ended up having issues with a cam sensor that we didn't have and our 959 (with a rental driver) spun it into turn 1 which then collected another car.  Luckily we received all the damage and the other car was able to keep racing.  Our 918 car chugged along holding down a semi-solid 2nd place most of the race.  The Miata's and Boxster's were relentless and kept up a good pace.  Congrats to Rockwell, they have a VERY fast Boxster and had very good drivers this weekend.

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