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The Right of Spring... Or Is That A Left? It's Iowa Speedway -- The Race Report

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Greetings, Chumps! Welcome to Newton, Iowa... home of Maytag appliances, a few Amish farmers, lots of John Deere tractor owners, and...


ChumpCar's Central Region Team is here in full -- Joey (Regional Director), Mike (tech), Matt (tech-2), Brock (Timing/Scoring) and Monique (Business Operations). Helping out is Cathy (aka "Ms. Diva"), Kent, Catherine, Pete and a host of other volunteers who have all showed up to help put on one helluva race this weekend.

Today's weather is 68 degrees, full sun, and a nice little breeze blowing (okay, so it's windy!). At least it's dry! No rain! Forecast might bring a little precipitation on Saturday but the percentages are still low and uncertain. At least we know that it won't be like the torrential downpours (with lightning and wind) we had last year!

Forty (40) teams have signed up -- more than double from our last trip here. The track and the facilities are top-notch; one of the best tracks that we run at all year. Sure, Charlotte is big and impressive... and a lot of fun ------ whereas, Iowa Speedway is tight, intimate and fast! The roval is 1.3-miles long, with lap times right at 1-minute... meaning, there's no time to relax at this track! Eight very technical turns and 8 opportunities to screw-up, and that includes the infamous Turn 2 on the oval. It's not the entry -- it's the exit. The track sucks you in fast and spits you out high. Seasoned drivers know to squeeze the power on and keep the front end from washing out.

Competitor gates open in 30 minutes; Tech and Registration start in a little over an hour. It's the classic calm before the storm! We're ready! The SLS lights are already out and ready; the timing system is up and tested; the garages are empty and waiting; the track is ready... and so is ChumpCar!

More to follow...


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1:00pm CDT Race Report...

#1 22 Brake Dusters

#2 21 Eggboy Racing

#3 11 Brain NERDS

#4 51 British American Racing

#5 48 Free Candy Racing

Still on jackstands in the paddock:

#24 Bear Patrol

#15 Honda ChumpCar (almost back in action)

#34 Wagon Geezer

#13 Richard Nixon Racing (some last welds, then back on track shortly)

#49 Slugworks


See attached full race report...


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Five hours into this quest for survival and improving track conditions as it warms up here in Land O Cornfields...race results as of 3:00pm CDT:

#1 21 Eggboy Racing

#2 51 British American Racing

#3 11 Brain NERDS

#4 22 Brake Dusters

#5 48 Free Candy Racing

#34 Wagon Geezers are unfortunately done for the day :( We will see you at the next race!

#24 Bear Patrol is back on track! But #49 Slugworks is still in the paddock.

Full results attached...


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OK, back on track after a few engines swaps, a fabulous brisket dinner and safety break. Sorry for the delay. Here are the results for 8:00pm CDT:

1 #21 Eggboy

2 #11 Brain NERDS

3 #22 Brake Dusters

4 #51 British American Racing

5 #1 My Little Pony

Full results are attached for 8:00pm. And in case you were wondering, also attached are results from 6:00pm (start of safety break) and 7:00pm (starting position after safety break).




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