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Our local dirt track, Hendry County Motorsports park @ 1/4 mile banked dirt 


Flag Pole race

Car Bowling

100 lap enduro, pits closed, you have a flat? Suck it up


Most any car is eligible, remove interior/glass/airbags, add safety, NO other mods allowed Stock stock stock.






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Well, that was an interesting Saturday night, A few weeks ago I started the ball rolling, $3500 to win 100 lap enduro… 3 champs got together,Sharky two car owner volunteered a stripped, forgotten Lincoln  project to Shark 1 primary Mike, I had a FWD regal siting, waffling on selling.


Fast forward three days before the event, Mike has been prepping for a couple of weeks, little stuff, tires, fuel pump, dust the mothballs off, I hadn’t done a thing, my car was still tagged/ready to take to work, of which I did on Thursday, quickly stripped the interior, did some basic safety, replaced the radiator (Thanks You Pull & Pay WPB)

Determined to have fun, I signed up for all the stupid stuff, bowling/Enduro/flagpole race. While we were familiar with flag pole racing, I’ve never seen Car bowling… undeterred, I’m in.  (didn’t want to do the demo derby w/this car) 

Bowling went much better than expected, after watching a couple of guys first, it’s my turn, came up to set up of blue drums and was expected to take them out, several rounds of elimination later I kept getting strikes, wound up finishing second. Mike wasn’t interested, he didn’t enter.

Mike and I start mid pack of thirtyish cars, his car wasn’t running perfect, there was concern… When he dropped out 20 laps in everyone thought it quit running, as it had a undiagnosed compression miss from sitting, to everyone surprise it developed a brake issue, the pedal fused itself to the floorboard, got it pulled up once but did it again, couldn’t be moved by foot or hand, that was it for the Lincoln. (No pics here sorry)


My race was mostly uneventful, first time dirt tracking a FWD , missed tire pressures a bit, wish it were a little looser… roughly lap 70 I found myself in 3rd place, about that time my pack of fast cars came up on slow traffic, all tried to enter a turn at the same time, pretty sure I was used to keep a couple of other car straight, relatively unscathed, I emerged that scuffle in fourth place, of which I held for the rest of the night. 

Next event, flag pole, quick stop in the pits for fuel and back out on track, first lap, most of us unaware that it was a double flag pole Race, two cars in front of me Zoom by and miss the first turn in, I did the same, garnering a one lap penalty, No matter, second turn of the race, without warning, right Outer CV joint failed.. Game over, front row seat watching other guys technique trying to make a tight turn around the flag.


Barrels dented the car more than  the 100 lapper.


Overall super clean driving, a pleasant surprise.




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