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Rear window vent hole location


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What's the consensus on rear window vent hole location?  I am more concerned about reducing cockpit temperature ahead of lower drag.  I found a pressure diagram for an FB RX7 like mine, and while it is French, it is pretty evident what is meant by the arrows.


I'm assuming that was done with the door windows closed, so that will change the aero a bit.  It indicates that immediately after the roof is a good low pressure zone (if extraction is the goal).  My hesitance with that location is that on NASCAR's new car, they put vents in that area to bring air into the cockpit.  Apples to oranges on speed, I know, but just anecdotal evidence that makes me question that choice.  


Ultimately, testing would make the most sense, but lexan doesn't really go back into place that well after you cut it out...  


As a side note, I am contemplating leaving the rear 1/4 windows off as well to help with temperatures.  I will likely make them and then try them on and off to see.  


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If you want them as an exit then at the top is your best bet.  No matter how well they work, they won't do much for reducing cockpit temps.  Your best bet with that is to get fresh air in and reduce the amount of heat entering through the firewall and tunnel.  A rally style roof vent at the leading edge of the roof can get you a lot of air.

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