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Advanti Storm S1 15x9, Miata bolt pattern w/ RS4s (2nd set with Hoosier A7s), Ultrashield race seat, NB Miata hood w/vents

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I have a few Miata items I no longer need.


2 sets of 15x9 Advanti Storm S1 wheels.   Miata fitment/bolt patterns, anthracite color (one set came that way, other came bright silver and I painted with duplicolor wheel paint - I must have done an OK job since I can't tell with a quick look and don't remember which one is which)


1 set w/ 245/40R15 Hankook RS4s mounted, lots of tread left, 0818 date code.  A few track days and a handful of trips into work, cruising around.   Have been stored inside off the car in colder weather.  Ready to go for a weekend of racing. - $700 obo  --> spoken for


1 set w/ 245/40/R15 Hoosier A7s.  These were my autox tires, and used them in a few OTD sessions.    This was much more tire than my Miata could use with its ~125 whp.  They have tread left but are likely aged/heat-cycled out (not willing to separate tires from the wheels).  $500



Ultrashield 16" Spec miata race seat with red cover/padding.  some wear to cover where net rubs.  Does have holes in seat from when mounted in the car.   $250  


Stock NB hood with top-mounted Singular vents installed.  Hood was snagged from a you-pull-in yard, and had been used to lay on, so dents exist, edges seemed unaffected so gaps when closed look normal.  Silver hood painted matte black, hides dents decently well.    $200. --> spoken for



Can bring to Gingerman/Mid-Ohio/Pitt races for interested parties.  Or available for pick-up in South Lyon, MI (Ann Arbor/Detroit area)




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hood and RS4s spoken for
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Lynchburg VA, 1.5hrs from VIR. that said, Nova is closer for sure and i go that way a lot more often to Ohio or Michigan (only when i absolutely must).

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Update to current location lol
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