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2022 Lifeline 24-Hour Classic at VIR race results

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2022 Official Lifeline 24-Hour Classic Race Results



Congratulations to Pinkies Out for winning their 4th in a row Lifeline VIR 24 Classic, and to Chip Schenk for winning his 5th Lifeline VIR24 race (Ronald’s Racers and Pinkies Out).


2022 - Pinkies Out 1988 BMW 325is
2021 - Pinkies Out 1988 BMW 328is

2020 - Pinkies Out 1988 BMW 325is

2019 - Pinkies Out 1988 BMW 325is

2018 - Bimmerline 1993 BMW 325

2017 - RBankRacing.com 1999 Saab 9-3

2016 - Simon Says 1992 Acura Integra

2015 - Simon Says 1992 Acura Integra

2014 - Simon Says 1992 Acura Integra

2013 - Ronald’s Racers 1986 BMW 325

2012 - Simon Says 1992 Acura Integra

2011 - BoomPow Surprise 1993 Ford Probe

2010 - ExFed Racing 1990 VW Jetta


Chillout Systems Summer of 24 results

1 -  RVA Graphics and Wraps 14 points

2 - MDR Motorsports 19 points

3T - Blakes Garage 34 points Wins tie breaker with highest finish

3T - Visceral Racing Group 34 points

5 - Atlanta Speedwerks 56 Points


Pre-Race Lifeline Fire System Drawing Winner

#436 Bliss Racing Mazda Miata


Event Partners


Thank you again to Lifeline USA for sponsoring this event. More information can be found at https://www.lifeline-fire.com/

Thank you to Chillout Systems for providing the winning prize for the Summer of 24, a Chillout Systems Quantum Pro cooler.


ChampCar Credentialed Photographers  - 


bill.strong@ChampCar.org    Bill Strong
mv@vittorioventures.com    Maxwell Vittorio

Podium Pictures - https://photos.app.goo.gl/2WSx4TRc7eQhxSyy9
arlen@amlphotographs.com    Arlen Liverman
heidimaywheildon@hotmail.co.uk    Heidi Wheildon
justyn_bobinski@na.honda.com    Justyn Bobinski 
scott.schubel@gmail.com    Scott Schubel
Christy@thechandlerschool.org    Christy Mason
david@ridgelightstudio.com    David Eneguess



ChampCar.Live show replays

Saturday - Noon to 8pm


ChampCar Live Overnight
Saturday 8pm to Sunday 5am


ChampCar.Live Race finish

Sunday 5am - to Noon



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Hey Bill-

whats the secret now for viewing speedhives My lap results link? I get a privacy pop up screen that advises me to manage my privacy by clicking the icon at the bottom of the page yet does not let you view the bottom of the page. I have never had an issue with the link in the past so any ideas would be appreciated.


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I don't know. It looks like their servers are having issues.

I do know that once we have Flagtronics software done on our side, that we can be rid of this thing called Mylaps that doesn't always work.

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16 minutes ago, mindspin311 said:

@Bill Strong where can I find the high-res version of the start/finish shot in the 1st post?


here is the exact picture


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My race report. Drove up Wednesday, spent the night at @chip's house. Drank a couple of his beers and ate his food and crashed in a spare bedroom.  Thursday went to help @Chris Huggins finish loading but as usual he had everything pretty much organized and loaded other than a few supplies. He and John and I drove up Thursday afternoon and got parked/set up, which we had to move around a little after the fact, too long of a story to tell there.  During the track day I helped Chris cycle in all the new tires on one car so he could heat cycle them on track while all the other prima donna drivers @chip, @Hurljohn, @Hugh Jass, @mindspin311, and David waited to drive up later so they wouldn't have to do any work.


Anyway, on to the race.  I drove the 146 going into sunset and again at midnight getting into and out of it in P1.  Took a shower and grabbed a little sleep, got up at 5:30 to find the 146 retired due to oil consumption.  246 had moved into the lead after that.  I got in it around 8am, the lead got larger due to Visceral dropping out about 9am so just cruised for most of the stint.  Chris brought it home without incident for the win for the 4th year in a row.  Wow, just wow.


This race is always such a honor to participate in, Chris and the team always give me a car that is just a pleasure to drive.  Both cars had a few brake issues but were manageable.  All I have to do is drive it and not screw it up, which somehow I have managed to accomplish these last 5 years driving with them in this race.  Chris, team, family, friends have always made me feel so welcome and I just always feel like I can't let them down so I try to be on point.  Thanks to Robert for making me feel like part of the family.  Andy always calls the shots right and stays up all night doing it, he is a trooper.  The pit crew, can't say enough about them as they fuel the car time after time flawlessly, they go fill up the jugs, transport stuff back and forth, stay up all night doing it.  They do all of that and they don't even get to drive.  Basically everybody on the team all make it easy to just do your job and drive the car.  And last but foremost, thanks to Chris for asking me to be a part of this special group.


To finish up, thanks to Champcar staff for putting on a great event.  Thanks to the broadcast gang @TAlexander, @Bill Strong, and @Paulie (and David who helped out this time but don't know his forum handle) for calling the race 24 hours so our families and friends can share in the event back home.  I hope everyone that races with us realize what we have there, it really is a treat to have that available to us as amateur racers.  


See everyone at the next race.

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Recipe for winning a 24hr race at VIR:

  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Reliability
  • And perhaps some pace


It really was a team effort from the Huggins crew this weekend, as always. @Chris Huggins did a great job getting the cars prepped and to the track ready to race. His attention to detail means that load in and any practice/testing are extremely low stress. As @Rodger Coan-Burningham mentioned, just heat cycle some tires, then it's off to dinner.


Raceday saw myself and Robert drawing honors to start the race. We worked our way through traffic starting about mid-pack and found ourselves at the front of the field as we pitted after a clean 2hr stint. We were keeping an eye on the usual suspects.. Visceral, RVA, GBU and just doing our best to match pace if possible.


From there it was all about turning laps, staying out of trouble, and good strategy. We had some braking hiccups with the swap car losing ABS and the aero car seemingly loving to make a hard left turn under braking, but we pushed through. I got back on track about midnight and did my best to survive the insanity. Roger and I found ourselves nose to tail for a few laps and it was a lot of fun chasing him while engaging in some friendly trash talk over the radios. Another 2hrs down and it was time to really sleep as I was scheduled to get in the the aero car around 8am Sunday. Unfortunately upon waking up a learned of it's retirement and shed a single tear. The swap car was still going strong.


We continued to plug along and watched as VRG and RVA slowly fell back and our gap increased. Chris went out for the last stint and was able to drive conservatively and just keep the nose clean until noon Sunday.



Huge thanks to the giant crew that Chris brings with him. Both his mom and dad are there playing team parents making sure everyone has eaten and gotten some rest. Chris's brother Andy acts as crew chief and always makes the right strategy calls. @chip's son Colin was one part of the fueling team (along with Colin's friend) and they nailed every stop with time to spare. Then there was Huggins family friends Ron, Vince, and Doug that all chipped in to make sure ice, fuel jugs, spares, etc were all ready to go when they were needed. Without those 6 guys, then us 8 drivers wouldn't have been able to do what we did.





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Sparrow Speed in the #216 Miata:


Car prep put us where we wanted with a strong start and a lead on the class. Small driver errors in the next two stints put us back but within reach and we stuck to our game plan through the night, regaining the lead between pit stops.


We got caught in the overnight oil down by another car and slid off with a relatively soft RF hit to the new tire wall at 13 and our first repairs. Back out in 8 mins...

A small electrical fire knocked out auxiliary power shortly thereafter. Finished the stint and took our time with that fix, now down on lighting and just following through the night.


Sunrise was a relief with everyone getting to their third stint. We just kept on trucking to the end. Checked flag at 11th overall, 5th in class, and ahead of some big names.

Happy with our result and on to Mid-Ohio.


Video and pics in the facebook link below.

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Typical VIR 24 for us, suckville. Drove with a team who brought a new E90 build (EC), which the engine let go about 3.5 hours into the thing. Exhaust tips point to running super lean. We took the back-up Prelude out for a couple of hours on Sunday morning to make sure everyone on pit road was awake; had a little fun and packed it up. 

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4 minutes ago, ross2004 said:

Typical VIR 24 for us, suckville. Drove with a team who brought a new E90 build (EC), which the engine let go about 3.5 hours into the thing. Exhaust tips point to running super lean. We took the back-up Prelude out for a couple of hours on Sunday morning to make sure everyone on pit road was awake; had a little fun and packed it up. 

That prelude sure is quick. Stock tune on the E90?

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901 Motorsports brought the #903 e30 to VIR 24.  We love this race and were hoping for a good result.


Well, the race started poorly.  From lap 2 we knew we had an issue, with random electrical cuts that made the car undriveable.  We tried a few things but eventually narrowed it down to the stupid kill switch, of all things.  Swapped it out, fixed the car completely, and headed back out.  In ~65th place, 10 laps down. Oh boy.


The only good news was that the car was handling beautifully and running strong.  So we started to chase.  We pushed hard all day, got faster at night, and by 6 am we had moved into 3rd place.  We were beyond psyched.  With 4.5 hours to go Frank made the call to back it down.  We were still 8 laps behind Pinkies Out and a bunch behind Visceral, but had enough laps on 4th, so just needed to cruise.


We only made it a couple more laps before we had a misunderstanding with a slower car in the entry to Oak Tree that ended our day.  We thought they were staying wide and making room, but they were just running an unusual line and turned in just as we got there.  Bent control arm and other assorted tweaks and we were done.


Crazy thing is Visceral soon broke so 2nd place was ours for the taking, if we could have closed the deal.  Oh well.  Was a great team effort to recover and get near the podium— was fun in a weird way. We cannot wait for next year.


Congrats to Pinkies Out— these races are hard to win and they have done it over and over at the 24hr.  Impressive.


Brett Shanaman

901 Motorsport #901, 902, 903

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