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For sale Datsun 280z champcar $3500

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1977 Datsun 280z High school auto shop build.
We built this car for a 2020 Champcar race that never happened. And there have been no othe crapcan races sceduled in our area so we are selling it.
We started with a very rusty 280z, , striped it out and installed a rhoads dom cage, replaced all suspention bushings, strut cartriges, Gauges, seat, fire supression system,ATL fuel cell with hydromat,Holley 2bbl carb and a ebay header..upgraded brakes
Watch this walk around video for a full description:       email rwbakk@yahoo.com for more info and phone #


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It's true, you may have to grind out a few welds and re- weld them but for the price it is well worth it.Here is a list of the parts we used for this build, all new except the carb witch was rebuilt.

1977 Datsun 280z Race car build

Roll cage kit                                     700

Fuel cell with hydromat                1000

Fire suppression system               500

Wheels                                             500

Front brake Toyota conversion   500

Rear brake disk conversion          200

Poly suspension bushings            200

KYB strut cartridges                       200

Silver mine upper strut mount    360

Seat                                                  150

Gauges and switch panel             250

Ignition module and coil             100

Fuel pump                                        80

Master cyl                                         80

Clutch master cyl                             30

Header                                              150

Holley carb                                       200

Brake lines                                        100

Red line fluids                                   100

Quick release steering wheel         75

Exhaust pipe and muffler                 75

Radiator                                             150

Lexan for windows                           200

Brake prop valve                                 50

Total                                               $5950

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Given that these cars are 150pts and decent fuel tank they actually have quite a lot potential. 

If you know how to assemble engines you can get about 200whp without much fuss (huge cam, home polish, megasqurt/carbs, header. There are plenty of 300whp+ cars around from the L28). Lots of suspension options.





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