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1991 Mazda Miata with 1.8L

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Champcar Endurance racecar for sale.  This car is a finisher and it's been awesome.  It's raced at Indianapolis, the Circuit of the Americas twice, National Corvette Museum, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Houston MSR and Harris Hill Speedway 4 times.  The last 4 races this car has run, Indy in 2019, NCM in 2021, Hallett Motor Racing in 2021 and Harris Hill 2021 the car finished every raced and only lost about 60 minutes, blew a fuse at Indy, cost us about 30 minutes, had to weld a muffler on the car at NCM, cost us about 30 minutes. Other than that it's been flawless.  The car finished 7th & 10th at Harris hill, 8th and 3rd at Hallett Motor Racing circuit the last four outings.  Motor was freshened up and new suspension package from Racing Miata installed one race ago.  Car is race ready with a brand new set of tires plus spares, turn the key and go racing.  $9,900.  Call or email Pat, 254-290-6262.

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