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Crowdsourced Data Collection - Champcar Teams


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Do you know the BMW or Honda Alphabet soup? I need your help.

Can you identify Champcar teams with (50point) motor swaps? I need your help.


Please help edit this sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1STUIaO6jmpsviTxliHVKHxIiRO4BH_uOR5aFIVIyR6g/edit?usp=sharing

No download or login needed.


Just fill in any of the red blocks that you can or leave a note. Try to keep it consistent and tidy, but I'll clean it up afterwards. What I care about most is identifying all teams with or without an engine swap and correctly representing VPI starting points. So if you can tell who's an M20B25 or an F22 or a C27 it would help develop the analysis to come. Thanks!


[Sheet is built from all non-EC teams finishing 10 or more laps in any race with 20 or more cars in 2021-2022]

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6 minutes ago, mindspin311 said:

I dont understand what "VPI-Matched Platform" is supposed to mean. Can you give an example?


This is the need to differentiate (non swapped) E30 teams between M20B25 or M42B18 or another engine. Or non-swapped 944 vs 944s, or Hondas, etc. All of the places where year make and model isn't enough to say if a team is starting at 350 or 400 or 450 points on the VPI table.

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