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Intake air temperatures on NA Miata


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I have a short elbow from the TB to where the right headlight usually is.  No extra vents/holes in hood and the bumer is stock with head lights covered. (Headlight mechanism is gone but the hood is covered).


Today it was ~90-95F outside and I got the following IATs:

Car warm but off: 113 F (Pure heat soak I guess)

Car running: 127 F 


So a little more than 30F difference from ambient car.

Is this normal? What IATs do you see? 

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I’ve got a similar setup to what you describe.  Had a test day at NCM a couple weeks ago, 95 outside, my inlet temps were 103.  

Where is your IAT located?  Do you have turn signals still installed?  I have mine removed from the bumper which helps get fresh air in to the filter.  

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Our Mercedes has a similar setup elbow to the headlight area. We built a small box around it and reflective taped the elbow. We have a direct opening to the headlight that is removed. 2"x6" or so. we see around a +5-10* rise in ambient on hot days. Our temp sensor is 1/2 way to the TB.

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