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2022 Mid-Ohio Grand Prix Results and Pictures

Bill Strong

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Official Results

Saturday - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/2047702

Sunday - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/2049010




spaawmedia@gmail.com    Josh Briggs 
amylentzphotography@gmail.com    Amy LentzAmy Lentz Photography, LLC  
donmacretired@gmail.com    Don MacIntosh TURTLESWAY.COM 
jnovak@timlally.com    Jeff Novak      VenomousRacing.net  
mrspeedway@att.net    Michael Nowotny      www.FastCarPhotos.com

samweidt@gmail.com    Sam Weidthttps://www.samweidt.com/motorsports-photography


Awards images


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This was my first time racing at Mid-Ohio and WOW, it did not disappoint.  Although it almost didn't happen.  Our car owner, JC went out for his first practice day laps and after 4 laps, the transmission wouldn't go into 5th.  We only use it on the back stretch.  Came back to the garage and did some trouble shooting and determined it was something internal.  Luckily, we had a spare and set out to get the swap done.  Finished in about 4 hours and each of us got about 10 laps of practice.


I started the Saturday race in the #484 Krueger Tuned Racing Boxster around mid-pack and moved up to 16th before I decided to visit the beach outside turn 1.  I got a bit loose in the back and didn't catch it fast enough (or too fast?) and around I went.  Waited a bit to get pulled out, then made it back to the pits and to no surprise, rocks were everywhere.  In the car, in my seat, in tire beads, in the brake calipers, in every imaginable space a rock could fit in.  Took us about 25 minutes to remove all the tires, replace 3 of them due to rocks in the beads, clear out the brake calipers/pads and get back out.  Lost about 20 laps in total.  My best lap was a 1:45.6.  Another teammate made a visit to an outside wall and we lost another 11 laps fixing that up.  Finished 35th overall and 16th in class C.


On Sunday, I drove 2nd, getting in around 90 minutes into the race.  The track was still damp in places, but a definite dry line was there.  I went out in 47th and moved up to 19th after a full 2-hour stint with a best time of 1:43.4.  Without a doubt, it was the most fun stint I've ever had.  I had a really awesome race with Clayton Karl in the Kar-Go Racing Miata for what seemed like 10-15 laps.  He was on my bumper the whole time and it was amazing!  We didn't really have any issues, except stopping after a few laps to disconnect the rear sway bar.  I know we struggled in the opening laps and lost some time to the group.  Finished 17th overall and 9th in class C.


Overall, it was an awesome weekend.  We're not a super fast team and really need a flawless race to finish in the top 10 at a very competitive race like this.

For me, this was the back end of a really long trip.  On 9/3, I left Brockport, NY and went to Lincoln, NE for the SCCA Solo Nationals.  I didn't drive as well as I should have and finished 27th out of 44 in E Street.  Then drove to Mid-Ohio and got home last night at 11:40 pm.  So tired...

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OMG, the one pota-potty in the paddock, absolutely destroyed by Saturday night, I don't think it was serviced at all on Sunday either.  (I don't know, I stopped using it after Sunday morning).  I used a different one on the way out:  "designed for 10 people for one week"  or 70 people in one day.


The whole "Paddock Saboteurs" thing is a satirical joke from the early days of LeMons.  Our team was not responsible for that, and we denounce that sort of digestive behavior. 



On a more serious note, how about no race motors or pit bikes during drivers meetings?  Violators start at the back of the field.

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56 minutes ago, jWashburn said:

On a more serious note, how about no race motors or pit bikes during drivers meetings?  Violators start at the back of the field.


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For your entertainment purposes, I present the opening stint of Sunday in the wet. Featuring two spins during opening parade laps. I gave up and left it in 4th for most of the stint until it dried out.


I want Porsche brakes, CRX front end grip and the balls of the TRM driver (Bob I think...)






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