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1 hour ago, JDChristianson said:

Anyone have experience with Zamp’s custom fit suits.  Next year might be time for a new one and off the self one piece suits don’t work so well since I’m not 6’3”. 


You're not 6'3"? Or you are?


I've tried 2 piece suits and absolutely hated them.  Really didn't like the way my Simpson 1 piece fit me either.  Did a bunch of measuring and ordered a 1 piece Alpinestars suit from the UK (DemonTweaks) and it fits amazing.  For reference I am 6'2", 220#.


I haven't tried the Zamp suits, but after dealing with their customer service, I wouldn't have any reservations talking to them.  They were super helpful and great to deal with when I sent my helmet back to them after my big wreck.

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I’m not familiar with Zamp but I recently had to buy a new suit. I finally outgrew my old Simpson suit. Being in Moorseville, NC I was able to try on a couple dozen off the rack suits. I finally purchased an Alpinestars Knoxville suit 3X. I’m 6’ tall but 300#. Legs of suit are a bit long if I ever get any taller but otherwise it fits comfortably. It was not expensive but it was in stock and I needed it quick. If I had to do it over again I would get a custom suit from Pyrotect. It would have cost the same an wouldn’t drag the cuffs on the ground when I walk with it on. It can be tough to find anything that fits on the shelf if you are not 5’10 and 175#. Good luck on the search 

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