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Southeast Mass team looking for crew/driver

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Champcar/Lemons veterans building a new car and looking for someone on the south shore of Massachusetts to help build/crew (and potentially drive) as a member of the soon to be legendary “Bolt Breakers Racing”.


We’re ideally looking for someone who’s relatively close to the Marshfield/Pembroke area, willing to put in enough time to make a meaningful commitment to the team, and (more importantly) someone who has the right attitude to fit in with guys who want to build and race a fast, competitive, reliable car while still keeping the focus on fun and the overall spirit of Champ and Lemons racing. 

We’ve all been active in Champ/Lemons for quite a few years and have access to the tools and equipment needed to field a safe and strong car, but could really use one or two more teammates to share the workload and eventually bask in the glory of TOTAL DOMINATION. 😁 


Ideally looking for a pro driver with full corporate sponsorship and access to a state of the art shop and wind tunnel, but we’re open to other offers. Send a message and let’s chat!

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Gotta be Southshore? Northshore prick here, 'bout an hour away from you guys. Can't make a massive impact compared to a local guy, but can certainly drink a beer, hang out, and turn a wrench adequately enough.


Well established driver, raced pretty much every track you're going to name off the bat, and been in the series (and other similar series) since ~2010. Worst case, shoot me a message and we'll bump into each other to say hello

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