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Any team in central FL open to new member?

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I have had some involvement with CC over the years and I've even been building a car on my own bit by bit, but I feel the need to get more involved and I'm hoping to find a team near Melbourne FL that might be looking for a new member or the occasional help. I'm quite handy with a wrench and know my way behind the wheel (SNORE desert racing, track days, karting, autocross, FSAE,... I even crewed for Starworks Motorsports for a bit) but mostly looking for some cool new friends that can help me get more immersed in the sport, regardless of the capacity.


The mentorship program sounds like a possible option in the future, my car and my team just has a long way to go before we can even think about competing. So if anyone that's local to Melbourne is interested in bringing on a cool ass dude that has a passion for motorsports, hit me up!

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