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OMP Hte-r 400 mounting

Special K

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After an optimistic start full of wide eyed joy and blissful ignorance degraded into a hate fueled damming of society and the very existence of Miatas.... I'm looking for anyone who uses an OMP HTE-R 400 or similar seat in a miata and how the hell they mounted it so a 6ft tall specimen of mankind isn't staring out the top 1/8 of the windshield and my head less than a finger width from the thin fiberglass roof.


We are currently use a kirkey halo in our NA. Building the NB, I swung for the fences and upgraded to the omp rather than another 2 piece aluminum affair after EVERYTHING I read says the hter400 is meant to fit in a miata (which it does if I toss it in like a bag of trash and let lay it on it's side across the car). Trouble is, the omp mounts are crap. If anyone could please post some pictures or provide some links to how they get their seat low enough, it would greatly appreciated. The car has the floor drop, so I naively thought this wasn't going to be an issue.

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Because I was curious what the seat looked like I searched it.  Found this quote from the OMP site.  I think it clarifies everything for you:




With that as it's description, how could it not fit?  I bet the interference you're having is not in the "upper part" of the seat, but somewhere near the bottom of it.


Here to help says the guy who's only 5'-6".



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After a floor drop, seat recline has a lot to do with headroom and the cage has a lot to do with that. Do you have a floor mount, parcel shelf mount, or something in between cage?  I wish I could go back and bonk myself on the head before putting the floor mount cage in my NB.  Use more recline if the cage allows. 

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Send me a PM with specifics, we've put the HTE400R in probably 20+ Miata of all different cages in the last couple months.


Some quick notes knowing that seat:

- I would imagine you're probably having issues with bottom seat width. Notch the tranny tunnel as stated above. Don't be afraid to hammer both sides of the car. It is possible to make it wide enough.

- Sometimes when people do the floor drop, they suck the tranny tunnel in to fit the drop instead of hammering the drop out. Check that this isnt the case. If it is grab a hammer and start hammering. Or, use a portapower to spread apart.

- If your cage anchors on a floor gusset, you have to space the seat up in order for it to clear the gusset that far back. You can make this up with recline.

- You can make mounts that you weld to the tranny tunnel and the door sill. Almost as if the seat is floating. We have done this with good results.


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