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2022 The Big Easy Enduro at NOLA race results

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901 Motorsports brought the #903 e30 to NOLA, excited to be at a new track, psyched to race.  We were travelling light, with only 3 drivers, plus birthday-boy Frank to run the show.


Friday we discovered that the track is easy to learn, hard to master, very technical with the bumps, and really really fun.  Lots of fast corners, which the e30 loves, super high tire wear on the left front.


The weather was the real story, waking up Saturday to a cold and damp track.  We had anticipated rain and had brought stacks of mostly used tires, not sure what we would get.  I (Brett) was starting so I made the call to run our softest tires for the first stint, having had success with soft tires if no standing water.  Was a dumb call.  Would have worked with new tires but these tires had been run hard at AMP and turns out all of their sticky goodness had remained in Georgia.  I started near the back of the pack and it soon became clear that we were not driving to the front on these hockey pucks.  After 2hrs of green we were in 4th but had been lapped.  Ouch.


Mark got in as the rain got worse but still wasn’t puddling.  Changed tires, but the stop was slow with our lack of crew and we lost another minute. Mark discovered the joy of cold Hankooks on a cold wet track, but did a great job keeping the car safe and turning competitive laps for the next 2hrs, holding 4th.


Aaron got in and we changed tires again.  We had a smooth stop this time, getting him out on rain tires as the puddles got deeper.  We were in 4th but almost 3 laps down, but Aaron can fly so we let him loose.  After 45 minutes he had made up one lap, 45 minutes later had made up another lap, all on pure pace.  Never did get a full course caution to help.  I admit I’m biased (he’s my son) but was an incredible drive.  



I got back in the car, in 3rd and back on the lead lap only 30 seconds back. 8 laps later we were in the lead.  Visibility was rough and the track kept changing, but I built enough of a gap to not lose the spot if I spun and then backed off a little.  This was a sweet win (nice photo, Bill!)



Sunday was Frank’s birthday so we celebrated.




Didn’t have a great race Sunday, breaking a belt while in 3rd 45 minutes into the race and needing a flat tow.  But still had fun and finished 13th.  Is a safe, fun track, and I think the bumps actually add character.


Thanks to the ChampCar officials, corner workers and volunteers who got soaked on Saturday and froze on Sunday. And really nice driving all around by all the teams, respectful and safe.  


Brett Shanaman

901 Motorsports #901, #903

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26 minutes ago, turbogrill said:

How dark did it get? Did you have to have lights to see the track?

Didn't need lights to see.  Did need lights to BE SEEN.  Cars without taillights or rain lights were really hard to see in the spray.

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